La Congregation De L'eglise Catholique

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"La Congregation De L'eglise Catholique"

La Congregation De L'eglise Catholique, is a Latin Rite Catholic Congregation ; which aimed at bridging the Theological rift between the Eastern( Orthodox Catholic Church) ; and Western ( Roman Catholic Church), after the Great Schism of 1054 AD.

The Church which is the Body of Christ, with Christ as its head (Eph. 5: 23-30) ; began its spiritual development, through the Confession of Apostle Simon Peter, the first Pope, who said, " Thou art Christ, the Son of the living God ". Mt. 16:16. It was on the basis of these divine revelation and conviction that Jesus Christ is God that the foundation of the Church were first enacted.

Perhaps, just as Adam and Eve were first created in their spiritual existence, prior to their physical manifestation as a rational being. Gen. 1:26. So also was the Church spiritually born, prior to its physical establishment on the day of (Shivout) Mt.16:18.

In AD 33, at the City of Jerusalem and on the Day of Shivout(Pentecost) the Church was born ; which is neither Greek by birth nor Roman by right. Acts. 2:1-47. The Church grew and spread rapidly throughout the other Provinces in Jerusalem's Galilee, to Asia Minor, to Roman provinces which were at first met with a severe resistance by Emperor Constantine prior to his conversion to Christianity ; and unto the utmost part of the world.

At first, it was called the followers of the Way. Because, Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. Jn. 14:6. As time progresses, the Church became known as Christians at Antioch. Acts. 11:26. However, as the growth of the Church increased and began its developments into Hierarchical structure of Deacon, Priest and Bishop ; it was then called Catholic Church, to differentiate her from those without an Apostolic Foundation.

During the Post Apostolic transition from the original Apostles of Jesus Christ, to their Successors. The Catholic Church, was divided into Five Patriarchates ; Four in the East and One in the West. Rome, Antioch, Jerusalem, Alexandria and Constantinople.

Subsequently, an additional (4) Four Patriarchates, was included to the list of these original (5) five and thus totaling (9) Nine Holy SEE's, which has an Apostolic Authority, throughout the world. (Acts. 2:20).

Today, the Catholic Family has grown into (24) Twenty Four Rites and each is self governing, for easy administration, and accountabilities ; according to their geographical locations, culture and languages ; but usually headed by different Local Ordinaries, Coadjutors, Titularies, itinerants, Auxiliaries, and Adminstrative Bishops ; under the leadership of the Pope or a Patriarch.

Therefore, La Congregation De L'eglise Catholique ( also known as Old Roman Catholic Church ), is part of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Classification: Latin Rite family.

Orientation: Roman Catholic Church.

Parity: Bi-ritual. (Eastern and Western Rite Catholicism).

Ecclesiastical Calendar: Gregorian.

Liturgy: Roman and Byzantine Rite Catholic Mass.

Polity: Episcopal See.

Chancery officer: Msgr. Udezeh J. Uchenna.

Cathedral administrator: Rev. Deacon Mbamara Godknows Festus, Dp.

Dean of the Diocese: Rev. Fr. Pacome Narcisse, OSM.

Provincial Superior: Rev. Fr. Callistus O. Nkosi, OMM.

Secretary General: Rev. Fr. Ephraem P. Uche, OMM.

Novice Master: Rev. Fr. Ezekiel-Amamba Godwin Chinjike, OMM.

Vicar for Vocation's: Rev. Deacon Duru Oliver Julius, OMM.

Postulant Master: Rev. Deacon Nyambee Vincent Aondona, OMM.

Coadjutor: Bishop + SC. Nnolumfu OSJ.

Principal Locations of La Congregation De L'eglise Catholique:

Location 1: Winterveld, Pretoria North ; Location 2: Anambra State, Nigeria. Location 3: Accra, Ghana. Location 4: Toronto, Canada. Location 5: Yaoundé, Cameroon. Location 6: Los Angeles, California. Location 7: Paris, France. Location 8: Manzini, Swaziland.

Regional Head: Gauteng. Country: Republic of South Africa.

Suffragan: New England, in North America.

Patriarchates: Rome, Utrecht, and Antioch.

Ordinary: Bishop + Joseph Mbata, (Late).

General Primate: Archbishop + Edward J. Ford, TOR.

Exarchate: Archbishop + Pierre Tang, OSB.

Eparchy: Metropolitan Archbishop + Louis L. Shipampa, OSB.

Patriarch: His Beatitude + Mar Markus. (Late).

Universal Primate: Pope + Francis 1.

Decree of Erection: Personal Ordinariate.

Date of Establishment: 2011, January 5.

Origin: Europe and North America.

Merger: Old Catholic See of Utrecht.

Denomination: Old Roman Catholic Church.

Branched from: Roman Catholic Church.

Apostolic Succession: Petrine Lineage.

Jurisdiction: Western Roman Rite Catholicism.

Inter-communion: Byzantine Catholic Church.