Laith Hakeem

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Laith Hakeem
Laith Hakeem.jpg
Background information
Origin Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Genres Hip Hop
Occupation(s) DJ, Producer
Years active 2013–Present
Labels plusmood (2013-Present)
Associated acts Joe Kay, Andre Power

Laith Hakeem is a Toronto-based multi-discipline artist, producer and host of mix series and nationally syndicated show plusmood[1] on iHeartRadio[2]. He's been co-signed by Soulection after having performed alongside Andre Power[3] , Da-P[4] and Joe Kay[5] in Toronto and Montreal[6]. He first gained fame in 2009 after participating in a televised Battle of the VJs[7] for MuchMusic with frequent collaborator Marlon Palmer.


He's been creating music and producing remixes (often alongside Justice Beats) since 2013 as is clear from his Soundcloud.[8] His guest mix series has featured: AKSTAR[9], KillaxKels, HustleGRL, Full Crate, Marcus Graham, Giovanni, DJ Millie, Guru Sanaal, William Darc, Yuknodis, Sophie Jones, Death Cohen, Justice Beats, Deeyontaé, Emissive, Drengozi, DJD1 and ChosenJ.

He most recently performed during NXNE and at the annual Manifesto Festival[10] in Toronto at the Drake Hotel in June 2017.[11]

His paintings have an intriguing fanbase. He's famously known for giving Drake a painting of Aaliyah[12] as described in an interview[13]: "I met Drake during the Summer of 2011 and after that he followed me on Instagram and sent me a message. I was like, what?! Anyway, I was with Karla one night and she was driving me home from a photoshoot for her brand, ATF. She said Drake was doing a signing the next day and suggested I make a painting for him. After a bit of brainstorming and figuring out what Drake loves, I came up with the idea to paint Aaliyah in an OVO sweater. I got home and I painted for 14 hours straight. The next day I took a cab all the way from home in Newmarket down to HMV on Queen street— he didn’t know I was coming. Karla told me to hide in line with everyone else. When it came to my turn to and gave him the painting, he freaked out. The whole time I was looking at his eyes— studying his reaction. I knew I won."


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