Lamington Party

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The Lamington Party
Founder Jason McKenzie
Founded 2013
Headquarters Brisbane, Queensland
Ideology Social liberalism
Political position Centre-left
Colours Deep sky blue
House of Representatives
0 / 150
0 / 76

The Lamington Party (TLP), a political party in Queensland, Australia, was formed in December 2012.[1] The party has a policy platform focussed on the creation of future industries tapered with sustainable development principles and a compassionate view to social issues. The party is centred on the values of equality, sustainability and innovation. They believe that creativity is key to developing new ideas and that technology can deliver both social and economic benefits.[2] It most closely aligns with social liberalism, where the good of the community and the environment is viewed as harmonious with the freedom of the individual.


The core values of the Lamington party are:


A number of policies have been released:[3][4][5]

  • Creation of a sovereign fund within the Australian future fund to invest in start-ups
  • Increased investment in high-speed rail, public transport and freight rail
  • Indigenous recognition within the constitution
  • Equal marriage
  • Indexation of social welfare payments to wage inflation
  • Increased investment in community infrastructure
  • Tax reform including revisions to the tax brackets, tax simplification and GST reform

Initiatives and campaigns[edit]

  • Increasing organ donation by making it opt-out only[6]
  • Banning gambling advertising from television between 5am to 8pm
  • Dying with dignity/Rights for the terminally ill
  • Setting industry targets for online/paper-less invoicing
  • 'Lights out' industry targets for switching off lights in sky-scrapers and large complexes


The party is named after the Lamington cake, an Australian icon which was created during the time that the Australian Constitution was being drafted. It was purportedly invented by a French chef, Armand Gallad who worked for Lord Lamington, who served as Governor of Queensland from 1896 to 1901.[7]


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