Lance Stewart

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Lance Stewart
Personal information
Born June 20, 1996 (age 21)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Nationality American
Residence Los Angeles, California,
Occupation YouTube Personality, comedian
YouTube information
Subscribers 3.12 million (Lance Stewart) 1 million (itsLance210)
Total views 590 million +
Associated acts Adin Kolansky Lizzy Wurst

Lance Stewart (born June 20, 1996), is a YouTube personality. He is known for his comedic vines, pranks and vlogs which was introduced to him by his sister, Sabrina Stewart. He has been very successful in his YouTube videos making 1.7 million hits and makes nearly $2,600 per day for his daily vlogs.[1] He also has a secondary channel, itsLance210, which makes above 200,000 hits and generates $300 per day.[2]

Being Famous[edit]

First gained fame through the app Vine, earning over 5 million followers to his Lance210 channel. He was nominated for Shorty Awards in the categories of Vineographer and comedian.

His family has also been brought to his famous videos, like his grandmother, "The Bad Ass Grandmom". She went viral on the popular app Vine, surpassing 850,000 followers before the app was discontinued. His girlfriend, Lizzy Wurst, has been a constant feature in his vlog channel ever since he made the decision to include her once she finished high school.


As Lance Stewart gained fame in YouTube, he started the Lance210 store merchandise that sells products with his 210 logo on it.


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