Laroo T.H.H.

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Laroo T.H.H.
Birth name Lawrence Dawson
Born Richmond, California
Genres Hip hop, west coast hip hop, hyphy
Occupation(s) Rapper, Singer
Years active 1996 – present
Labels Heavy on the Grind Entertainment, Timeless Music, AWOL Records, Noo Trybe Records
Associated acts E-40, Trina, Too Short, C-Bo, The Jacka, Killa Tay, Droop-E

Lawrence Dawson (born 1978), better known by his stage name Laroo T.H.H. (an acronym for Tha Hard Hitter), also known as simply Laroo or The Legendary Laroo, is an American rapper and singer from Richmond, California.[1] He is signed to E-40's Heavy on the Grind Entertainment and is the founder and CEO of Timeless Music.


Born Lawrence Dawson and raised by a single mother of two, he signed his first record deal out of high school to the independent label, AWOL Records, home to artists such as C-Bo, Killa Tay and Luni Coleone. He has made several guest appearances, most notably on E-40's Revenue Retrievin': Graveyard Shift ("Yankin" featuring Hot and "Club on Lock" featuring Matt Blaque), Revenue Retrievin': Overtime Shift ("I Am Your" featuring Droop-E) and C-Bo's Til My Casket Drops ("Big Gangsta" featuring Lil Bo & Mob Figaz and "No Pain No Gain" featuring Lunasicc).

In 2014 he teamed up with The Jacka (from Mob Figaz) for the album Never Be the Same: Season 2: No Mercy.[2]


Studio albums[edit]

  • 2000: Fear No Fate
  • 2001: Ghetto Perfection
  • 2004: Trash N Treasure
  • 2004: Hood Journal
  • 2004: Bay Area Muscle: A True Story
  • 2005: Timeless Music
  • 2006: Timeless
  • 2007: Hyphy vs. Gangsta
  • 2009: Tha Mobb Vault
  • 2010: That Hard Hitta
  • 2010: The Corporation
  • 2010: Live By Night
  • 2011: The Night Continues
  • 2012: Take the Stage
  • 2012: Laroo (T Double H)


  • 2008: Put Me On – EP
  • 2008: Money & Power – EP
  • 2008: Gucci Bag – EP

Collaboration albums[edit]

with Lil Ric[edit]

  • 2001: Different Reality

with Doonie Baby[edit]

  • 2005: Purple

with Killa Tay[edit]

  • 2009: F#ckin' with the Mob Is a Privilage

with The Jacka[edit]

  • 2010: Never Be the Same
  • 2014: Never Be the Same: Season 2 – No Mercy

with Turf Talk[edit]

  • 2012: Sick.Wid.It Block Ops

Guest appearances[edit]

Year Song Artist(s) Album
1997 "Consequences" Lunasicc Mr. Lunasicc
"Cap Pillas" Lunasicc, Flow, Pizzo
"4 tha Bizzness" Lunasicc, JT the Bigga Figga
1998 "Big Gangsta" C-Bo, Lil Bo & Mob Figaz Til My Casket Drops
"No Pain No Gain" C-Bo, Lunasicc
"Mob S**t" Marvaless, Lunasicc, Pizzo, Killa Tay, 151 Fearless
"Where U From" Marvaless, Lil Ric
"Bacc to Bacc" Lunasicc, Pizzo, Killa Tay A Million Words, a Million Dollars
"Kingpins" Killa Tay, Marvaless Mr. Mafioso
"Legit Hustlas" Killa Tay, Doonie Baby, Lil Ric
"Smash Down" Dosia, Huccabucc, Chilli-Bola Waiting to Inhale
"Tyme 2 Ryde" Lil Ric, 151 It's Like Armageddon
"Shake Em Up" Lil Ric
"Still Representing"
"It's Real"
1999 "Makin' Moves" Deebo Game Changed
"Mobb Deep" C-Bo, 151 The Final Chapter
"Big Boss" C-Bo, King Pins, Raw Pins
2000 "Get High" Hustler E, T. Tokens Wacocaine III
2001 "Seasoned Veteran" Luni Coleone, Daz Dillinger In the Mouth of Madness
"Wild Wild West" Pizzo, Butch Gasoline
"Thug World" 2wice, Lil Ric Ghetto Grammar
2002 "(I)" Lil Ric, Oakraida The Thug Nut (On One)
"Penetrate" Lil Ric, Filthy Phil
2003 "Get Flipped" Cellski, Killa Keise, Messy Marv The Collection, Vol. 2
"Strive 4 the Best" Skuntdunanna, Cozmo The Streetz Iz Enough
2004 "Straight Hogz" Mac & A.K., Lil Ric Hustle Music, Vol. 1
"Da Family, Pt. 2" Guce, Killa Tay, Boo Banga, Fatality, Luni Coleone, San Quinn, Sean T Bullys Wit Fullys 2: Gangsta Without the Rap
2005 "Fuck Wit Us" Killa Tay, Guce, Luni Coleone Hardball
"After Me" Luni Coleone The Narration
"Cash In" Luni Coleone, 2wiceberg Slym, Lady Unique
"Wind Blow" Luni Coleone, Mississippi
"Money & Power" Krushadelic Hyphadel
"Monday to Friday" Turf Talk, A2thaK, Poppi Cas Brings the Hood
2006 "Strictly Fam" The Mossie Soil Savvy
"Actin' Like..." J. Stalin On Behalf of the Streets
"Street Starz" A-Wax, Big Tobe, Chunk Who Got It?, Part 2: The Answer
"Make That Money" Richmond Cali, Kontac, J-Slim This Iz Richmond
"Money & Power" Krushadelic Hyphadel
"Stack Somethin'" Lil Cyco, Big Baby Get Money, Have Heart
"We Ride, We Roll" Cellski, Baldhead Rick Mr. Predicter, Chapter 2
"Do tha Math" C-Bo, Marvaless, Pizzo Money to Burn
2007 "Ready 2 Ride" C-Bo, Marvaless Ready Made
"Tha Game" Texas Money Boyz, T. Tokens, Hustler E Rappin & Trappin 4
"Phone Check #2" AP.9, Husalah, B-Legit, Lee Majors, Young Dru, Young Gasz Without My 5
"Stack Somethin'" Lil Cyco, Big Baby Get Money Have Heart
2009 "Makin' Moves" Deebo Game Changed
"Before I Go Crazy" Tic & Melo, The Jacka, Matt Blaque Money, Diamonds & Thizz
"Top Floor" Fed-X, The Jacka The Mob Made Me Do It 2
"So Good (Dat Kush)" Nump, Berner, Cellski, Decadez, Willie Joe Student ov da Game
"Bay Livin'" Cellski Stunna-Vision
"Whole Packs" Chef Boy Cellski's Culinary Arts Institution
"Godzilla" Pizzo, E-40 1st Term
"We tha Shit" AG Cubano Feet to the Street
"Hustla" AG Cubano, C-Bo
"Rocc Wit You" Skiem Hiem, Killa Tay Money & Muscle: From Cali to KC, Vol. 1
2010 "Spend the Night" E-40, The DB'z, Droop-E, B-Slimm Revenue Retrievin': Night Shift
"Trained to Go" E-40, the DB'z, Mac Shawn 100
"Side Walk" Chosen, Matt Blaque, Big Rich, Young Lox, ShadGee, Fed-X Live from the Trap: Duffle Bag Music
"Spontaneous" Big Rich, P-Child, Kafani Built to Last
"I Represent It" (Bay Area Remix) Philthy Rich, The Jacka, San Quinn, Willie Joe, Dem Hoodstarz, Lil Hyfe, Drew Deezy Neighborhood Supastar, Vol. 2
"Waitin' Fa U" Beeda Weeda, Box Kev Mack'n, Trap'n & Rap'n
"Time N a Day" Willie Joe, Wes Fif Focus
"Down Ass Chick" Extreme Hwd, Mistah F.A.B., Jo'son Authors of Reality
"Chase Paper" A-Money, LG, Javito Who Is...A-Money
"Black Card" Big Omeezy, Cousin Fik, Decadez The Great Communicator
"Tonite" The Jacka, Lee Majors, Matt Blaque The Gobots 2: D-Boy Era
"Stop Snitch'n" Philthy Rich, Bueno, Bainaide, Ampichino, J-Diggs, Dubb 20, Stevie Joe, J. Stalin, Yukmouth Thizz Nation, Vol. 27
"Thoughts Everywhere" Gorilla Gang, KJ Apes, Grapes & Banana Clips, Disc 1
"Cheese Up" Don P Talking Bout Money
"I Lived It" The DB'z Mannish Music
"Jump in My Lac" Big Rich, Ray Ray Premeditated Hustle
2011 "All We Do" The Jacka The Indictment
"Keep It 100" (Remix) Peanut, Dev the Chaser, Damey, Erk tha Jerk, Nio tha Gift, Kuzzo Fly, Arrangatangz & Laz tha Boy Unusual Suspects
"Not Hate" Jason Drisker, Lil Ric, RJ Opposite of a Gangsta
"Bartender" Mike-Dash-E, Balance, Darius Dash With Me
"I Am Your" E-40, Droop-E Revenue Retrievin': Overtime Shift
"Yankin'" E-40, Hot Revenue Retrievin': Graveyard Shift
"Club on Lock" E-40, Matt Blaque
"Like Dat" DJ Crook, Keak da Sneak, Guce Stompilation, Vol. 2
"In a Rush" DJ Crook, Beeda Weeda, Axion, Goldie Gold
"Dip Wit U" DJ Crook, The Jacka, Matt Blaque, Keira'd
"F***in' You Right" Young Doe, J. Stalin Rollin' Stone
"Money and the Power" J. Stalin, Young Doe Diesel Therapy
"Rock" Lee Majors Jet Lag & Turkey Bags
"Loaded Weapon" Philthy Rich, Baily, Goldie Loyalty B4 Royalty: Just for the B***hes
"Jump In My Lac" Ray Ray, Big Rich Xo Suites & Timers
"Gutta Raw" Illa Sevearr, Keak da Sneak, San Quinn Scarred Intelligence
"We Gettin' Money" Young Win, Moss da Boss Young Winning
2012 "Ready to Smoke" Skywalka, Kali Kash Fahrenheit – EP
"Outta Town" E-40, B-Legit The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 1
"Rollin'" E-40, Raheem DeVaughn, Mugzi, Work Dirty, Droop-E, Decadez
"My Whip Hot" E-40, Decadez The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 3
"It's a Shame" Lil Ric I'm on It
"Everything Ain't Perfect" Decadez, Young Twinn Broadcasting – Live from Ratchet City
"I'm da Man" C-Bo, Pizzo, Missippi Underground & Unreleased
"Take Over" C-Bo, Pizzo, Missippi, Killa Tay, Lunasicc, Marvaless
"Ice Shock" C-Bo West Side Ryders 3
"Slidin'" Lil Ric, Pooh Hefner, Hollywood Plugged In: Live from the Streets
"Lights Go Down" Traxamillion, Jay Rock My Radio
"Yesterday" Traxamillion, Clyde Carson, Yukmouth, Kafani, Balance
"That's S**t" Coco Chanel That's Coke
"Wild Wild West" Pizzo, Butch Gasoline
"Take Over" Killa Tay, Lunasicc, C-Bo, Marvaless, Pizzo Drought Season
"Lock It" Killa Tay, Rydah J. Klyde
"Who We Are" Kafani, Kali Kash, Aktual Still Fast
"We Movin' Units" Baldhead Rick, Berner Ghetto Patriot
"Make Me Rich" Big Omeezy, Work Dirty, Decadez TGC 2
2013 "Know That" Macadoe, Doe Real Talk
"We Out Here" Smigg Dirtee, Turf Talk FYM2: 2 Fingers and a F.U.
"West Up" Beeda Weeda, Jay Rock, Glasses Malone, Messy Marv, J. Stalin, 211, K-Boy, Scoot Dogg, Cousin Fik, Mitchy Slick, T-Nutty Mack'n Trap'n & Rap'n
"Neva Been Broke" Fox, The Jacka, Crash Both Sides of the Game
"All We Do" (Remix) The Jacka, J. Stalin The Appeal
"Hella Good" Hot, J. Banks Dope
"Do What I Gotta Do" E-40, Work Dirty The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 5
2014 "Black on White" Drew Ez Ali King's Bridge


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