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Laurence Moroney is an author, speaker, and technologist who currently works for Google as a Developer Advocate. Laurence has authored 15 books on software development in various technologies. He's a member of the Science Fiction Writers of America,[1] the author of the 'Legend of the Locust' science fiction trilogy, the TV show 'untethered',[2] and the upcoming 'Equilibrium' and Stargate Universe[3] comic book series. He consulted for the TV Show 'Stargate Universe', creating 3-D walkarounds[4] of the show's sets. He's the host[5] of 'Coffee with a Googler' on the YouTube Google Developers Channel.

Programming Books[edit]

Expert Web Services Security in the .NET Platform (with Brian Nantz)

Java EE and .NET Interoperability: Integration Strategies, Patterns and Best Practices

Pro ASP.NET 1.1 in VB.NET

Pro ASP.NET 2.0 in VB 2005

Beginning Web Development, Silverlight and ASP.NET AJAX

Foundations of WPF

Foundations of Atlas

Foundations of ASP.NET Ajax

iPhone and iPad Apps for Absolute Beginners

Introducing Microsoft Silverlight 1.0

Introducing Microsoft Silverlight 2

Introducing Microsoft Silverlight 3

Microsoft Silverlight 4 Step by Step

Introducing Windows 7 for Developers

Introducing Microsoft WebMatrix


The Fourth World

The Million Year Journey

The Legend of the Locust

Transhuman: The Deconstruction of Hu-Ying Chao

Space Cadets


Building Developer Relations Communities: Interview with Laurence Moroney on Mobilize

Interview with Laurence Moroney about AJAX on Web Dev Radio

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