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Moroccan surfer
Personal information
Born Mohammed lemkadem
Died death_date
Nickname speedy
Residence America
Height 1.80
Weight 71
Surfing career
Best year 2015
Career earnings 100,000$
Sponsors no sponsores !
Major achievements major_achievements
Surfing specifications
Stance stance
Shaper(s) Rosy surf board
Quiver quiver
Favorite waves Reef break
Favorite maneuvers favorite_maneuvers
Website http://www.Lemkadem.com
Lemkadem or Akalemkadem
Lemkadem  (born April 26, 1990 in Sale, Morocco) under name of Mohammed Lemkadem, is an Moroccan surfer. He began to surf at age 9 and holds the record for the most National Surfing Association. He won the contest in the city was organized by the surf association. Lemkadem's first sponsors was Protues clothing and Surfline Morocco
On April 10, 2015 Lemkadem Created his first surf company which is a surf camp under name of Surfline Morocco in Taghazout agadir 

2015 2016

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