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Leposava Pavlović (Belgrade, 17. August 1906Belgrade 23. April 2004) was a Serbian artist..


She was born on 17th August [[1906 in Belgrade, in a respectable Belgrade family of intellectuals who lived in the Lord Jevremova 39, since [[1882, and died at the ripe old age. She was painter, a senior associate and lecturer at the University of Belgrade and at the Serbian Academy of Science, a French teacher, translator from Romanian, philanthropist, reformer and honorary president 'Lade'. Miss Leposava is ended lower grades of grammar schools in the external for female children, so that she became close to the French language as native language. She also took the spirit of French culture. Later she returned to Belgrade. There will, from an early age tend to painting, on the advice of a close family painter Beta Vukanović, enroll and complete the preparatory course at the School of Art.

Art work[edit]

She will graduate at the Royal School of Art at the distinguished teacher Ljubo Ivanović, with other famous artists: Ljubica Sokić, Stevan Bodnarov, Misha Vukotić. She holds an master degree by the artist Milan Milovanović on 1932. She has had solo exhibitions in Bucharest, Skopje and Belgrade. She taught French language students of the Faculty of Philology. She was a translator and reviewer. She also published a study on Romanian folk literature, and she was protecting the copyrights of his cousin Slobodan Jovanovic. She has never ceased to be engaged in painting, drawing and illustration. Painter Leposava St. Pavlovic was our oldest painter. She was friends with Ivo Andrić, Isidora Sekulić and Dučić. She has his own collection of paintings donated to the National Museum, while in 1996, 154 of her drawings donated to the Memorial collection of Pavle Beljanski in Novi Sad, a library of the Seminary of the Diocese of Sumadija in Kragujevac. The house of Pavlovic family has been included in cultural monuments and is under the protection of the City Institute for Protection of Monuments. One Street in Mladenovac has her name, but it has been changed at 2006. in Brane Petrovića.


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