Les Laboratoires Carine Mongoue

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Les Laboratoires Carine Mongoue
Skin Care
Industry Cosmetic Industry
Founded Template:2011
Headquarters Yaoundé
Key people
Carine Mongoue Kamtchuwe, La PDG des Laboratoires Carine Mongoue
Products Skin Care Products
Teint Caramel|Shayla|Hair Grow| Anti-Vergiture
Revenue ~
Number of employees
Website http://www.leslabocarinemongoue.com/

Les Laboratoires Carine Mongoue is a national cosmetic and beauty institute in Cameroon. The company is one of the leading in cosmetic products in Cameroon with its proven products ; Teint Caramel, Teint Metiss, Teint Ebene, Hair Grow and muchmore. The company has offices in Yaounde and Douala, and also several sales points and representatives spread across the globe. Some of these sales points are in Paris, Gabon, United Kingdom and Chad.

There are over 100 testimonies from clients satisfied by their products.

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