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The Lesotho Broadcasting Service is the national broadcaster of Lesotho

Radio Lesotho and Lesotho Television (LTV) are both owned and controlled by the government. They tend to favour and reflect the government's position on all issues, including electoral matters. Radio Lesotho gives national coverage, unlike all the other private radio stations whose coverage is limited to the urbanised areas. Despite some access to the public media for the promotion of their campaigns, opposition parties in Lesotho, like in many African countries perennially, complain about the fact that the government-owned media do not afford them adequate election coverage and that they receive a friendlier reception from privately owned radio stations. (There are no privately owned TV stations, except the ones from South Africa).

Government set up Radio Lesotho in 1966 and Lesotho Television in 1988 with transmission of 30 minutes from MNet transmitters. It has acquired transmitters which it uses along with satellite for 24 hours daily transmissions. The station covers the whole country with satellite transmission and about 60% through terrestrial transmission.

In addition to Sesotho and English newscasts, Lesotho Television offers sports, magazine and current events programmes which present Basotho culture through a mixture of traditional music and dance. It targets viewers of all ages throughout Lesotho and some parts of neighbouring South Africa. Lesotho Television’s content is 80% Sesotho and 20% English.