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Author of LiberateMe Sami [Bsoul] wants you to step away from the over-rated and traditional way of living for a minute. Now unlike ordinary books that speak to becoming a “better you” as they would say, LiberateMe novel was not written with the intention of only capturing your attention – but to speak to you on a profound level from cover to cover, without the useless curves and beating around the bushes.

The book LiberateMe will provide you with a new sense of purpose and a way to unite your dreams and your actions. If you are a person who is probably wondering; where exactly you fit in this competition-driven era, this book is definitely for you.

In addition, the book LiberateMe also goes further by giving different perspectives for:

   The people who question themselves and underestimate their own potential
   The people who are determined to prove themselves in a world that’s so mysterious yet irrational
   The people who are never certain about their next set of actions

Let’s say for example, you were a billionaire living in a luxurious mansion with everyone at your beck and call, but you had a very miserable spirit. What would be the point of it all? You would be wealthy but still very unhappy.

Everyone has different experiences and the “one size fits all” idea will never work, seeing that you are unique in your own way. But as you read this book, you will discover new and effective ways of addressing whatever it is that may be standing between you and the success you have always wanted.

Don’t be the person who sits and watches everyone else moving ahead with their lives. LiberateMe will be your guide as you seek to identify how far you wish to go in this life and how to get there.

If you are serious about not just making a change, but also building your character and improving both inside and out, then LiberateMe is just for you.