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Industry Beauty, health
Founded 2006 (2006)
Defunct June 2016 (2016-06)[1]
Headquarters Brooklyn, New York, USA
Website Official website

Lifebooker was an online beauty and health appointment booking service founded in 2006 by Dana Reichman and Andrew Unger in Brooklyn, New York. The company offered salon and spa businesses a way to automatically discount unsold inventory hours online.[2] A membership to the site was free; Lifebooker charged businesses on a pay for performance basis for use of the system.[3] Lifebooker was named one of Business Insider's Top 100 Most Valuable Startups in 2011.[4] Lifebooker was also recognized as a PC Magazine Top 100 Website of 2013.[5]

Lifebooker and Gramercyone join the hand for providing the Real-Time availability of unfilled appointment and discounts on the same platform.[6]

The company was disestablished in June 2016 due to "difficulties with scaling and sustainability".[1]

Services for Users[edit]

Lifebooker allowed members to search and book beauty and health services based on time, dates, service, location, ratings and price range. Once an appointment was booked clients did not have to bring a coupon as payment occurs at the business. Members could also receive credit towards the site by rating a service after an appointment was booked and honored.[7] The site contained over 75,000 ratings and reviews from members with hundreds of salon/spa offers in multiple cities.[8]

The site also offered "Lifebooker Loot", daily deals sent via e-mail.[9] Immediately after a deal has been purchased, users could download and print their coupon to bring to the business.

Services for Businesses[edit]

Lifebooker provided salon, spas, and other health-related businesses with a real-time appointment management system.[2] Participating service providers had access to advertise unfilled times to members who might be on a tight schedule or budget.[7]


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