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LikeMe2 (Social Internet Media Marketing Agency) — Agency (company) that leverages SMM to drive traffic and attention to the brand in social networks. Is a complex of measures on the use of social media as a channel to promote companies and solving other business problems. Marketing in the acronym are not enough accurate word, because it means promotion, which is part of the marketing mix. That is, a more accurate name for the promotion in social networks from English. Social media promotion (SMP).


Technology "LikeMe2" is a search engine and gathering a database of people who want to earn on how to perform certain actions for other users in the social platform (social.networks). Using the best legal tools (this is not a computer program, bot-nets, spamming, hacking, hacking and other prohibited by law services), where the term "tool" refers to the process of technology to promote products, services or creative work in social networks, the full list can be viewed at:, or

What is the most popular social network in the world?[edit]

The company "LikeMe2", conducted its own comprehensive analysis of the TOP most popular social networks in the world and media/communication services[1], and made a definite conclusion.

  1. TOP the number of officially registered users
  2. TOP on the statistics of attendance, user activity
  3. TOP of credibility (arithmetic value Bravica Rank)
  4. TOP index hits PR-CY
  5. TOP on the relevance and the dynamics of the intensity trends
  6. Analysis of current trends
  7. The degree of geographical coverage and density of geographical distribution in the world

Who needs service?[edit]

Enough only to think about these numbers: about $ 1.5 billion is the market size of social networks, advertising revenues exceeded $ 5 billion. Why spend money on advertising if you simply open your page in social platforms and do it effectively with the help of the growing popularity of their pages in social networks through online service Today the social network is not only a means of exchange and communication between different people, but this is a huge "database", collaborative storage, home videos, photos, networks bring together people of certain interests and criteria of age, gender, Hobbies, as well as professional networking for sharing experiences or information, search and offer vacancies to the establishment of business relations; joint work with documents, in addition to all people are using social networks to promote their creativity: music, painting, photography, etc.

Social networks are a powerful marketing research tool, because users voluntarily publish information about themselves and place their data, talking about their views, write about interests and preferences, create a specific circle. Therefore, advertisers may accurately determine what exactly the users interested in their advertisements, thus depending on the information in their profile (country, age, gender, etc.). This type of advertising is called targeting that with English "Target" means a Target!

Anyone can use any social network for their intentions, but everyone's goal is always the same - to make your Facebook page POPULAR! Online service allows you to work with user groups on various parameters such as: residence, age, gender and others.

After all, everyone wants to get huge number of views, likes, good comments and an unlimited number of subscribers! To find their own friends it is more than hard or use prohibited by the laws, mechanisms, programs, hacks, etc., with this purpose was created an online service LikeMe2, which offers quality advertising. The unique advantage of LikeMe2 is that working with real people and don't use other qualitative approaches.

Why you need a cheat and whether this effect?[edit]

The likes, increase kolichestva active subscribers, undoubtedly gives rise to the popularity of its products and increasing profits, it should be noted that it is necessary to use an integrated approach and high-quality "live" likes, friends, subscribers, and only then, can positively affect many factors raise the group or the page above your competitors in search results of queries. High efficiency is achieved in the promotion of sites and blogs by increasing their relevance to the search engines, thus providing a high brand awareness of the company, blogs and more. LikeMe2 uses a full range of all the action and experts approach a complex, it effectively contributes to the promotion and growth of the rating of pages to make a popular video, page, post, or group today.

Giving an online service?[edit]

LikeMe2 chose the most effective promotion scheme, or gives to self-select any necessary criteria for cheating. The methodology and innovative mechanisms give the opportunity to do it quickly and efficiently, at a cost much lower than traditional advertising services.

  • Page rise significantly in TOP
  • The increase in activity from active subscribers stranded without write-offs
  • Improving the position of website in GOOGLE and Yandex
  • The increase in sales from the search engines or social platforms
  • To increase awareness of your brand, the group "Facebook" will become popular
  • Ensures the relevance of products/services on the correspondence information for the information request, and also raises the pertinence, i.e. it provides customers ' expectations and search results.
  • Ensures the achievement of high conversion, due to the target audience, using the mechanisms of targeting and graduation traffic
  • Uses target audience and "live" with active subscribers
  • and so on


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