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Lin Mo 林墨,born on 6 January 2002 is a Chinese singer. He is a member of Chinese boyband Yi An Music Club(written as Yi An Musical)易安音乐社.


Lin Mo 林墨(birth name: Huang Qilin 黄其淋) was born on 6 January 2002 in Chongqing,China. He joined Time Fengjun Entertainment as a trainee in 2014 and left the company in 2016. He is known for being very bubbly and cheerful and is the mood maker. He is talented in singing,dancing and variety. He took part in the Season 2 and 3 of TF family's very own variety show 《TF少年GO》.


Finding Soul as Zhang Liqun 张立群, Sui Yu and Chang An's classmate.


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