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Beanie kids are an Australian line of children's plush dolls sold by Skansen Brands. They come with names, birthdays, and personalities.[1] Some dolls have slight intentional aesthetic changes ("mutations") and are considered rare. There are literally thousands of bears. Other than the normal beanie kids, there are also Tiny Beanie Kids, Cuddly Kids and Great Big Kids.

Name Common Mutation
Jig the Puzzle Bear Red jigsaw piece on chest Purple jigsaw piece on chest
Scarecrow the Bear. The Wizard of Beanie Island Dark green left sleeve and khaki coloured pants Khaki coloured left sleeve and dark green pants
Marietta the LadyBird Bear Red fur with orange wings Orange fur with red wings
Daria the Pink Unicorn Bear Pink horn on her head Silver horn on her head
Cheshire Cat Wonderland Series 2 Pink paw prints Glow in the Dark paw prints
Nerissa the Blue Mermaid Bear Blue ribbons in her hair Silver ribbons in her hair
Cocoa the Bunny Bear Brown paw prints Gold paw prints
Prince Justin the Bear Silver cuffs on his sleeves Purple cuffs on his sleeves
Cecil the Snake Bear Black nose Purple nose
Dorothy the Wizard of Beanie Island Bear Dark pink ribbons in her hair and on her sleeves Light pink ribbons in her hair and on her sleeves
Ted the Love Bear Tan bear with a cream heart on his chest and cream ears Cream bear with a tan heart on his chest
Kellie the Surfin' Koala Dark purple outer ring on Kellie's T-shirt design & white cord on her board shorts Dark purple outer ring on Kellie's T-shirt design is missing. Purple cord on her board shorts


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