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This page lists Transformers characters introduced and/or featured exclusively as toys or in storyline for the annual BotCon fan convention and the associated Transformers Collector's Club. Multiple versions of several of these characters have appeared at different BotCon conventions, and some have even appeared in other Transformers series.


Alpha Trizer[edit]

A wise Maximal leader featured in the 2014 "Pirates vs. Knights" storyline and resembling the legendary Autobot Alpha Trion, though with hints of the Beast Wars character Cheetor.


  • Alpha Trizer
A repaint of Transformers: Prime Thundertron and Leo Prime with Alpha Trion's purple, red, and white color scheme.


Apelinq is a Maximal scientist and warrior who has appeared in a number of Transformers storylines, most often associated with BotCon. He typically assumes a Gorilla Beast Mode, and has a device known as the Transfer Interlink that can "download" virtual objects into reality, ranging from weaponry and transports to functioning robots.

Apelinq was first featured in the BotCon storylines spanning 1998-2002, in which he was a member of a Cybertronian peacekeeping force known as the Peace Marshals. His comrades included former Autobot leader Rodimus and the Maximal Depth Charge, the latter of whom left the Peace Marshals after Optimus Primal's ship went missing. Apelinq was on Cybertron when Megatron's takeover began, and through his intellect managed to survive after the Vehicons conquered the planet. He then discovered an antidote to Megatron's transformation freezing virus thanks to Rodimus, whose Autobot Spark rendered him immune to the infection. The pair later went to intercept an arriving ship that carried Primal Prime's crew of Maximals from prehistoric Earth in order to inoculate them, only for Apelinq to end up being sent back to prehistoric Earth himself. He subsequently became involved in a battle between Cybertronians from across time and space and the villainous Shokaract, who had become the vessel of Unicron. Returning to Cybertron and joining Primal Prime's crew-now going by the name the Wreckers-he would participate in their continuing campaign against Megatron and the Vehicons. The group would then travel into space on the instructions of Vector Sigma, only to return to thwart an invasion of their planet orchestrated by the Quintessons and the Predacon criminal Cryotek. Apelinq and Primal Prime were savagely attacked by Cryotek, but were combined into the new persona of Sentinel Maximus.

A new version of Apelinq-here called "Ape-Linq"-was featured in the BotCon 2014 storyline "Pirates vs. Knights." Here he served as the Knights of Cybertron's chief scientist at the recommendation of Alpha Trizer.


  • Apelinq (2000)
A red, black, and silver repaint of Transmetal Optimus Primal.
  • Ape-Linq (2014)
A repaint of the Beast Wars: 10th Anniversary Optimus Primal toy with the color scheme of Apelinq's 2000 toy. This toy had previously been repainted into Jungle Planet Optimus Prime of the Transformers: Cybertron toy line, and would also be recolored into a new version of Primal Prime.



Autobot security guards from the Transformers: Animated series.

Shattered Glass[edit]

Reformatted and heroic versions of the Shattered Glass Autobots Ratchet and Inferno, who were made underlings of Checkpoint after he was reformatted from Prowl by a noble version of Unicron.


  • Autotroopers
White repaints/remolds of Animated Cybertron Ratchet.


A Spark-less Transformer created by Apelinq using the Transfer Interlink to serve as a medic for the injured Predacon Fractyl, CatSCAN became a member of the Wreckers. Despite possessing a formidable arsenal, his programming was of a nonviolent nature, and he would only act in self-defense.


  • CatSCAN (2000)
A repaint of Beast Machines Night Slash Cheetor in red and silver coloring.


A red-colored female Autobot who typically transforms into a motorcycle.


  • Flareup (2014)
A recolor of Transformers: Prime Arcee.


A female Autobot scientist who appeared in the "Wreckers" comic storyline. She and Tap-Out took up residence on an alien planet after being sent on a scientific expedition by Rodimus Prime, and later encountered Primal Prime's team of Wreckers.

A second version of Glyph appeared in the Transformers Timelines Wings Universe Story "Flames of Yesterday," in which she leads an archaeological team composed entirely of female Autobots. Sadly, their dig is targeted by a would be Decepticon-warlord named Rage, and in the course of the resulting conflict between his forces and an Elite Guard unit assigned to protect them Glyph is killed.


  • Glyph (2002)
A blue repaint of the Autobot Bumblebee keychain figure.


Packrat is a Maximal thief whose Beast Mode, as implied by his name, is that of a Rat.

Packrat was one of the earliest BotCon exclusives, appearing in the 1997 storyline "Critical Mass," in which he stole a prototype Energon armor from the Predacon scientist Fractyl. He later appeared briefly in the "Reaching the Omega Point" storyline, during a battle in which he and Onyx Primal engaged Fractyl and Vice Grip in a battle over a strange artifact from the future and were later reinforced by Silverbolt and Rattrap. Becoming a Transmetal at some point in time, Packrat would become a member of Primal Prime's crew and the Wreckers during the events of the storylines "Primeval Dawn" and "The Wreckers: Departure" and "Betrayal." During the latter he sacrificed several of the Wreckers in order to save his own life, and was briefly suspected of betraying the group to enemy forces. However, it would later be learned that the Decepticon Cyclonus was the true culprit, and he murdered Packrat shortly before departing with a stolen artifact.

A new version of Packrat would be featured in the 2015 storyline "Cybertron's Most Wanted," as one of the criminal inhabitants of the interdimensional city Axiom Nexus.


  • Packrat (1997)
A blue and bronze repaint of Beast Wars Rattrap.
  • Transmetal Rattrap (Walmart Exclusive)
A blue and green repaint of Transmetal Rattrap; the design was later repurposed for Packrat's character.
  • Packrat (2015)
A blue and bronze repaint of Transformers: Generations Rattrap.

Primal Prime[edit]

Primal Prime is a Maximal leader who turns into a Gorilla, and bears a red and blue color scheme resembling that of Optimus Prime.

The first version of Primal Prime was introduced in the "Reaching the Omega Point" storyline, but featured more heavily in the "Beast Wars: Primeval Dawn" and "The Wreckers" storylines that followed it. In response to the threat posed by the Predacon Tarantulas, who had survived his apparent demise near the conclusion of the Beast Wars animated series, the alien Vok assembled a force of Transformers to battle him and his minions. To lead this group they used the Matrix of Leadership within the slumbering Optimus Prime to give life to a control suit previously used to manipulate Optimal Optimus. Primal Prime was thus granted the power of the Maximal leader with the wisdom of past Autobots, and despite some early struggles led his forces to victory over Tarantulas with the aid of the Vok. The group then traveled to Cybertron where-with some additions and possibly losses-they became the newest incarnation of the Autobot commando unit known as the Wreckers. Primal Prime led the group with the counsel of former Autobot leader Rodimus and Maximal scientist Apelinq, and the group later departed into space on instructions from Vector Sigma. This would prove to be a deception on the part of the Quintessons, who sought to reclaim Cybertron following the defeat of Megatron. Primal Prime and his forces returned to engage them and their Predacon ally Cryotek, and Primal Prime and Apelinq would consequently be merged into the mighty warrior Sentinel Maximus.

A new version of Primal Prime was included in the "Pirates vs. Knights" BotCon 2014 storyline, leading a crew of Maximals on an expedition into space. The "Year of the Monkey" Optimus Primal figure also had a color scheme inspired by Primal Prime's.


  • Beast Machines Primal Prime
A red and blue repaint of Optimal Optimus, released in limited numbers for the Beast Machines toy line.
  • Primal Prime (2014)
A recolor of the Beast Wars: 10th Anniversary Optimus Primal toy that served as the customization class figure for BotCon 2014. The figure had previously been recolored to serve as Transformers: Cybertron Jungle Planet Optimus Prime and the Ape-Linq figure from the same Botcon Convention.

Sentinel Maximus[edit]

Sentinel Maximus is an Autobot hero originally intended for release at the Official Transformers Collector's Convention in 2004, but later released by Hasbro.

Sentinel Maximus was born from the fusion of Primal Prime and Apelinq in order to battle the Predacon criminal Cryotek, who had stolen some of Primus' power after allying himself with the Quintessons. After battling Cryotek and helping to save Cybertron, Sentinel Maximus was sent to the Unicron Trilogy universe to aid Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus from Robots in Disguise in their efforts to thwart the Heralds of Unicron and later battle Unicron himself. These allies would also later join forces with the likes of Generation 2 Optimus Prime, Transtech Optimus Prime, Leo Prime, and Transformers: Cybertron Optimus Prime in his Jungle Planet form.


  • Universe Sentinel Maximus with Hyperlinq/Ape-Linq
A recolor/remold of Armada Overload, a Costco repaint of the same figure, and Energon Ultra Magnus. The Mini-Con figure came with a resculpted head based on Apelinq, and was named Hyperlinq by the OTFCC bio and Ape-Linq by the Hasbro bio.


A former imprisoned gladiator in the Decepticon pits who was a companion to Glyph on a scientific expedition. The group later encountered the Wreckers when the team arrived on the planet they had taken up residence on. Tap-Out later joined the Wreckers on their quest.

Another Tap-Out was featured in the Wings Universe story "A Team Effort", in which he served as part of a four-bot squad in the Elite Guard. Painted black and going by the codename Dealbreaker, he and his teammates succeeded in capturing the Decepticon Gutcruncher and his minions, though not without great difficulty.


  • Tap-Out (2002)
A green repaint of the Autobot Cliffjumper keychain.


This version of Windrazor is a fusion of a Predacon known as the Cub and a Maximal known as the Veteran who appeared in the "Reaching the Omega Point" storyline. The Cub was a Herald-in-training to serve the villainous Shokaract, while the Veteran was an ancient Autobot who had lived through thousands of years and joined the resistance forces against Shokaract. After the former failed an assassination attempt on the Veteran and was left for dead by his own brother Cataclysm, the Veteran fused with him as part of a daring plan by resistance leader Sandstorm. The result was Windrazor, a Maximal warrior who was then sent back in time to prevent Shokaract's rise to power. This landed him in the Beast Wars, where he was briefly possessed by Unicron himself before Shokaract arrived to insure his own future. Windrazor then joined in the battle to defeat Shokaract, and was carried to safety by Apelinq prior to Shokaract's demise. He would later appear to Sentinel Maximus to inform him of a mission given to him by Primus.


  • Windrazor (BotCon 1999)
A repaint of Beast Wars Fuzor Silverbolt, sharing the mostly gray color scheme but with purple eyes, red feathers, and silver legs.



A female Predacon with an ant alternate mode who is most often associated with Shokaract.

Originally appearing the "Reaching the Omega Point" storyline, Antagony traveled back in time on a mission from Shokaract to secure the life force of Unicron that his past self would alter discover. She ended up in the middle of a battle between Optimus Primal's Maximals and Megatron's Predacons, and despite her superior technology was captured by Megatron. During his attempts to learn her secrets, she reflected on her past and rivalry with fellow Herald of Shokaract and rival Cataclysm. She achieved a victory of sorts over Megatron by using an implant in her head to completely erase her memories, but was later restored by Shokaract to join him in the final battle on prehistoric Earth.

A second version of Antagony would appear alongside a present-day Shokaract and his Heralds in Beast Wars: The Ascending. Featured in a less prominent role, here Antagony is one of the various Heralds of Shokaract sent to gather Angolmois energy-Unicron's lifeforce-from around the galaxy in preparation for his return. She and her allies were later defeated and scattered by the allied Maximals and Predacons on Cybertron.


  • Antagony
A purple and red repaint of Beast War Inferno.


Cataclysm was a character featured in the "Reaching the Omega Point" storyline as a Herald of Shokaract and rival to Antagony. He and Antagony constantly sought to outdo or destroy each other in their bids to secure Shokaract's favor, which led to Cataclysm attacking his own brother in order to redeem himself for his brother's failure. Tasked with the same mission which Antagony had failed to accomplish on prehistoric Earth, he was attacked by Windrazor-a fusion of his brother and a Maximal-and destroyed. However, Shokaract later revived him during his final battle with various forces on prehistoric Earth.


  • Cataclysm (unreleased)
A toy version of Cataclysm was intended for release, being a purple and green repaint of Transmetal Cheetor, but was later cancelled.


A villainous Predacon with various criminal ties.

The Wreckers[edit]

Cryotek was first featured in "The Wreckers" storyline as a Predacon scientist and mentor to Megatron. Having orchestrated the theft of the Golden Disk-which would be seen in BotCon 2006's storyline where Cryotek appeared in a form based on Energon Shockblast-he was betrayed by Megatron who departed Cybertron. When Megatron returned, he and Cryotek reunited, and Cryotek agreed to take Megatron's Transmetal 2 form from him. However, this left Cryotek temporarily comatose and allowed Megatron to seize control of his resources, which allowed him to conquer the planet and give rise to the Vehicons. Determined to conquer Cybertron for himself, Cryotek formed alliances with the Decepticon Cyclonus and the Quintessons to conquer Cybertron. Despite stealing some of Primus' power, he would be thwarted in his designs by the heroic Sentinel Maximus, who was born from Cryotek's attempt to destroy Primal Prime and Apelinq. During this time he was accompanied by a drone Predacon known as Chro.

Robots in Disguise[edit]

Despite his toy being released in the Robots in Disguise line, Cryotek was not featured in the animated series. However, the "Ask Vector Prime" Facebook page later included a version of Cryotek native to that reality as being involved in a conflict between versions of Optimus Primal and Beast Megatron, joining forces with the latter. This Cryotek was of the opinion that Transformers Sparks were in fact parasites, his own being mutated and human-shaped, and he sought to eradicate them. He would eventually join forces with RiD Galvatron and help him transform into a new body identical to one used by Megatron during their alliance (reflecting the "Megabolt" toys of the RiD toyline). Fortunately, due to Optimus Primal's efforts to aid the RiD Autobots, Cryotek was defeated. [1]


A Transtech version of Cryotek is featured in various Transformers Collectors Club fiction as a Predacon with criminal ties who attempts to pass himself off as a legitimate businessman and owner of a club known as The Blue Deployer.


  • Robot in Disguise Cryotek
A blue repaint of Transmetal 2 Megatron that was released with the 2001 Robots in Disguise toyline.


Flamewar is a female Decepticon featured in several Transformers toy and storylines.

The original Flamewar appeared in the 2005 BotCon storyline as a Tripredacus agent.

Another version of Flamewar appeared in the Transformers: Prime toyline but was not featured in the animated series.

A third Flamewar appeared as a member of the Star Seekers, a band of Transformer space pirates, in the 2014 BotCon storyline.


  • Flamewar (2005)
A repaint of Transformers: Energon Arcee in red and black coloration.
  • Transformers: Prime Flamewar
A repaint of Prime Legion Class Arcee in orange and black coloration.
  • Flamewar (2014)
A repaint of Prime: Beast Hunters Arcee in black and red coloration.


A Predacon geochemist who is more interested in science than in battling Maximals. He first appeared in the 1997 story "Critical Mass," in which he invented Energon armor to protect the Predacons from Energon buildup, only to have it stolen by the Maximal thief Packrat. He would later team up with Vice Grip to challenge Packrat and Onyx Primal over a mysterious artifact, only to be defeated when they were joined by Rattrap and Silverbolt. He would later appear in "Beast Wars: Primeval Dawn" and "The Wreckers," having somehow joined Primal Prime's crew. He would attempt to convince the Autobot-turned-Maximal Arcee to join their cause, only to be grievously injured by Vehicons. Arcee's quick action saw him reformatted into a Transmetal, but his injuries remanifested after the Wreckers departed Cybertron.

Another version of Fractyl was released as part of the Transformers Figure Subscription Service 6.0.


  • Fractyl (1997)
A green and yellow repaint of Beast Wars Terrorsaur.
  • Transmetal Fractyl (unreleased)
A green repaint of Transmetal Terrorsaur that was never released.
  • Combiner Wars Fractyl (2016)
A recolor of Combiner Wars Terrorsaur, who was remolded from Combiner Wars Air Raid.


A Double Pretender and bounty hunter who ended up in the Axiom Nexus and joined a team that included an alternate Megatron and other renegades.


  • Oilmaster (2015)
A new figure based on the scrapped Double Pretenders line. The figure consisted of an armored-simian shell containing two small transforming figures. This mold would later be reused for Double Pretender Optimus Prime.

Onyx Primal[edit]

A Predacon assassin who ended up a Maximal agent after alienating his superiors, feeling that joining the enemy was his only means of survival. He was featured in "Reaching the Omega Point" as Packrat's unlikely teammate, and engaged Predacons Vice Grip and Fractyl in battle.


  • Onyx Primal
A repaint of the original Optimus Primal toy that transformed into a bat.


A Predacon in a Vehicon body who joined the Wreckers.


  • BotCon Rotorbolt (unreleased)
A prototype Rotorbolt toy was revealed-a purple and red repaint of Beast Machines Obsidian-but was never produced.


See also Covenant of Primus#The Organization



Originally a lowly Predacon known only as the Hunter, Shokaract lived in a possible future where Megatron had succeeded in taking over Cybertron. He wandered the galaxy hunting down fugitives, but one day found himself being hunted on Earth. There, he came across a pit containing the Dark Essence-the time displaced lifeforce of Unicron. Accepting its offer of great power, the Hunter created a container for it that he called the Decepticon Matrix of Conquest, mocking the Autobot Matrix of Leadership that had left Unicron a disembodied energy mass. Now bonded with Unicron, Shokaract returned to Cybertron and quickly established himself as its new ruler. Forming an army led by his Heralds, who included Antagony and Cataclysm, he subjugated most of the planet and began expanding his tyranny to other worlds throughout the cosmos. Despite his immense power and the devastation to the resistance, however, Shokaract's power came under threat due to an instability in the timestream that threatened to draw the Dark Essence away from prehistoric Earth before the Hunter could find it. Fearing this, he sent Antagony back in time to secure it, but she ended up being captured by Megatron's Predacons.

Cataclysm was selected to go back in time next, but suffered destruction at the hands of his brother Windrazor. Shokaract was thus forced to travel back in time himself, and quickly subdued the Maximals under Optimus Primal. However, new opposition arrived in the form of the Covenant of Primus, who challenged Shokaract to battle but found themselves outmatched, especially after he used his vast power to bring Antagony and Cataclysm back to aid him. Much to his surprise, an army of Transformers from across time and space appeared to challenge him, but aid came in the form of his Herald Sandstorm. However, Sandstorm had a surprise of his own: he was in fact Scorpius, a member of the Covenant, and attacked Shokaract with his own Primus-derived life energy. Though Scorpius was swiftly destroyed, his actions inspired the rest of the Covenant, who pooled their lifeforce to attack Shokaract, challenging the Dark Essence with the power of Primus. Thanks to their attack, Shokaract's link with the Dark Essence of the past was broken, and the other Transformers attacked him en masse. This resulted in Shokaract's destruction, as the Dark Essence was drawn back into the timestream and Shokaract's history was erased.[2]

IDW Publishing[edit]

Shokaract would later be featured again as an antagonist in Beast Wars: The Ascending. This time serving as the unwitting vessel of Unicron's power and the means by which the Chaos Bringer would make his return, he became impatient to ascend to supposed godhood. He was "served" in this timeline by the Blendtrons-Drancron, Rartorata, and Elephorca-and by his Heralds-Antagony, Hellscream, Thrustor, Max B, and Dirgegun; their real intention was to bring about Unicron's return by sacrificing Shokaract. Shokaract engaged Big Convoy's Maximal forces and later various Predacons and Maximals brought from Earth by Leo Prime and Ravage, who managed to transport him out of time. There he met the similarly displaced Magmatron, who revealed to him that Unicron intended to consume him in order to make his own return. Furious at this betrayal, Shokaract ripped the Decepticon Matrix of Conquest from his chest, killing himself rather than continuing to serve as Unicron's pawn.

Transformers: Timelines[edit]

This version of Shokaract-known again by the Hunter alias-was a part of the Star Seeker Pirates under the command of Cannonball. He joined his crewmates in seeking out the remains of Unicron, eager to turn the Chaos Bringer's power to their twisted ends.

Other Versions[edit]

"Ask Vector Prime" featured other accounts of Shokaract, including a version who "made the Argos Cluster burn" and another who "did stride boldly forth" as it were "From the realm of legends" to join Bio Ranger Iga's Thirteen Great Demon Generals as the "Omega Singularity General."


  • Shokaract (2000)
A repaint of Transmetal Rampage.
  • Shokaract (unproduced)
A concept of Shokaract was considered for creation using the Blackout figure from the film toy line, but was not produced.
  • The Hunter (2014)
A repaint of the Transformers Collectors Club exclusive Protoform X figure, which was itself a recolor and remold of Transformers Prime First Edition Megatron, in the colors of Shokaract.


A clone of Optimus Prime who is colored green and purple rather than red and blue.

Originally, Toxitron was to be released as a recolor of Generation 2 "Laser" Optimus Prime. This version was later given a story role in "Ask Vector Prime", in which he was a version of the Robots in Disguise Decepticon Scourge poisoned by Megazarak before being remade into a Toxic Energon (Tox-En) producing minion. [3] "Ask Vector Prime" also introduced a Toxitron who was one of Bio Ranger Iga's Thirteen Great Demon Generals, having been added to his forces by the contributions of an analogue of the Decepticon Starscream.

The Animated incarnation of Toxitron was the result of an attempt to create a Decepticon in the image of Optimus Prime. Though physically successful, Toxitron in personality resembled Bizarro of the Superman mythos.

A Combiner Wars version of Toxitron was released in the TFSS 5.0.


  • Universe Toxitron (unreleased)
A figure of Toxitron repainted from Robots in Disguise Scourge that was intended to be released as part of the Transformers: Universe line but was never produced.
  • Animated Toxitron (2011)
A repaint of Transformers: Animated Optimus Prime.
  • Wingblade Toxitron (Unproduced)
A repaint of Wingblade Optimus Prime that was considered but never produced.
  • Combiner Wars Toxitron (2016)
A remold of Combiner Wars Motormaster with a new headscult.

Vice Grip[edit]

A Predacon soldier loyal to Megatron, Vice Grip was the companion of Fractyl during the Reaching the Omega Point storyline.


  • Vice Grip
Vice Grip was a blue repaint of Beast Wars Predacon Powerpinch.

Virulent Clones[edit]

Other Beings[edit]


The Chronarchitect is a being introduced in the 1999 BotCon storyline surrounding Shokaract and the Covenant of Primus. He is described as an ancient being of the same type as Primus and Unicron, and an ally of the former, who appears in times of great crisis. Twice he appeared to the Covenant, warning them of the approach of Unicron's evil and to prepare for their final confrontation with him. He is also known to have visited Vector Prime of the Thirteen Primes, in order to recruit him to deal with a multiversal menace.[4]

The Covenant[edit]

Ebon Knights[edit]

A mysterious and villainous group caught up in the dark arts of the universe, versions of them have threatened a version of the Generation 1 continuity as well as providing Monstructor to serve as one of Bio Ranger Iga's Thirteen Great Demon Generals.

Elder Gods[edit]

Ancient evil creatures that menace various realities in the Transformers multiverse; they may be a reference to the identically named pantheon from the Cthulhu Mythos.


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