List of East Africa ODI wicket-keepers

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This is a chronological list of East African ODIs wicket-keepers. East Africa with was combination of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia.

East African team represented in the 1975 World Cup represented by players from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia and the 1979 ICC Trophy, 1982 ICC Trophy and 1986 ICC Trophy.

The team was disbanded when Kenya represented in its own right. Then East Africa effectively became combination of a Ugandan/Tanzanian/Zambian team. East Africa was an Associate Member of the ICC from 1966 to 1989 after which its place was taken by East and Central Africa.

East Africa played three ODIs in 1975 World Cup and used two wicket-keeper with no dismissals.

No. Player Span ODIs Catches Stumpings Total Ref
1 Hamish McLeod 1975 2 - - - [1]
2 Praful Mehta 1975 2 - - - [2]


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