List of United Progressive Alliance candidates in the Indian general election, 2019

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UPA Alliance[edit]

For the Indian general election, 2019, the UPA's is an alliance led by Indian National Congress with following parties:

Constituents of United Progressive Alliance (Pre-poll Alliance)
# Party Alliance in states
1 Indian National Congress All States and UT
2 Rashtriya Janata Dal Bihar, Jharkhand
3 Nationalist Congress Party Bihar, Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra
4 Rashtriya Lok Dal Uttar Pradesh
5 Jharkhand Mukti Morcha Jharkhand
6 Jammu & Kashmir National Conference Jammu & Kashmir
7 Mahan Dal Uttar Pradesh
8 Indian Union Muslim League Kerala
9 Socialist Janata (Democratic) Kerala
10 Kerala Congress (M) Kerala
11 Revolutionary Socialist Party Kerala
12 Bodoland People's Front Assam


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