List of birds of South Texas

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There are several species of bird in the South Texas region of the U.S. state of Texas.

A map depicting South Texas in red
Whistling duck

List of species[edit]

This list is incomplete

Accipitridae - eagles, hawks, and kites[edit]

Anatidae - ducks, geese, and swans[edit]

Ardeidae - egrets, bitterns and herons[edit]

Caprimulgidae - nightjars[edit]

Cardinalidae - cardinals, New World grosbeaks and buntings[edit]

Cathartidae - American vultures[edit]

Charadriidae - plovers[edit]

Columbidae - pigeons and doves[edit]

Corvidae - crows, jays and magpies[edit]

Cracidae - guans[edit]

Cuculidae - cuckoos and turacos[edit]

Emberizidae - New World sparrows[edit]

Falconidae - caracaras and falcons[edit]

Fringillidae - finches and allies[edit]

Hirundinidae - swallows[edit]

Icteridae - blackbirds, meadowlarks, and orioles[edit]

Laridae - seagulls[edit]

Mimidae - mockingbirds, thrashers, tremblers, and New World catbirds[edit]

Odontophoridae - quail[edit]

Paridae - chickadees and titmice[edit]

Passeridae - Old World sparrows[edit]

Pelecanidae - pelicans[edit]

Phasianidae - grouse, partridges, and turkeys[edit]

Picidae - woodpeckers and allies[edit]

Psittacidae - Neotropical parrots[edit]

Strigidae - typical owls[edit]

Threskiornithidae - spoonbills[edit]

Trochilidae - hummingbirds[edit]

Troglodytidae - wrens[edit]

Tyrannidae - kingbirds[edit]

Vireonidae - vireos[edit]

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