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Little Leaders Preschool is a preschool chain based in NCR region Ghaziabad. it started in the year 2011 by Mr. Kapil Gupta, An IIT/ IIM alumni & Mrs. Anu Gupta, a renowned child psychology based in Ghaziabad. before starting the school they consult many people and expert in the field of edutacation. after years of reach research the come to a conclusion that they will start this venture.

In the research they found that in Indian preschool industry the curriculum is a big challenge. they studied all the existing preschool curriculum and methodology and then created their own concept which uses Montessori, Regio-Emilia, Play way method etc.

After successfully running the first Little Leaders preschool in Ghaziabad, Anu Gupta thought of spreading the quality education in India. And then they choose franchisee root to increase their network. [1]


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