Living On Universal Denial (L.O.U.D.)

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Living On Universal Denial (L.O.U.D.) is an indie rock, alternative pop/rock band formed in late 2014. The band is currently based in London, UK and Athens, Greece and took its name out of a statement for those who believe there's no absolute reality or truth, only perceptions and opinions.

Since 2015 L.O.U.D. have appeared in many live stages and mainstream radio stations and have participated in Rock festivals alongside other well known artists.

In 2015 after winning a country-wide competition amongst other unsinged acts, L.O.U.D. played live in one of the biggest Music and Camping festivals in Europe, the River Party Festival alongside names like James Arthur and other well established acts. At the same time the band recorded new demo songs and enhanced its playlist with new original material.

2016 was a very busy year with many live performances and a lot of songwriting. In the highlights of that year is the honour to be chosen as an opening act to one of the greatest bands in the world 'Explosions In The Sky' performing in front of a huge audience! In December 2016 L.O.U.D. took 3rd place amongst 150 other acts, in a music competition organised by the most popular Rock radio station in Greece RED FM 96.3! 

The band is currently in the studio writting new material looking to make a release in 2017.  

L.O.U.D. current members are: ​Konstantin K. (Lead Vocals), ​Simon Kalousis (Drums/Percussion), Jim Kats (Bass) and John Best (Guitars/Keys/Vocals)