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Llatar Eclav'aun is a fictional character from Forgotten Realms in the universe of Dungeons & Dragons. Llatar was created by author "A. G. Morse" as the protagonist in the The Ironedge Trilogy and has been a popular character in the book series The Legend of the Night starting chronologically with The Underdark Trilogy. In The Lost Quintet he is discovered to be the fallen god known as Idar, and destroys Lolth, ending the war. During the battle, Llatar is extremly ingured in the lower spine disabling him for months. In the mean time, his wife Avda Maksur leaves for war and dies. After the war ends, the assassin Darkscar (introduced in The Ironedge Trilogy) murders his only child driving his mind farther than it stared with in "The Underdark Trilogy". He becomes the world dictator afterwards, overthrowing Ulifein as a result.

Family Tree[edit]

His family was House Eclav'aun- formal name Auvrylyl and had the rank of sixth house in the drow city of Gynemizan. His mother was Matron Thirza Eclav'aun and his father was Patron Zeerith Eclav'aun. He had three brothers and four sisters at the time when he was born and left The Underdark with none.


Throughout The Underdark Trilogy his age in drow years range from zero to sixty-four. In the Ironegde Trilogy, however, his age is 17 in human years. Besides that we cannot tell how old he was through the rest of the series.


The kindom of Atha had no relationship with the drow what-so-ever, but their queen seemed to love one. Avda was fooled by his surpreme acting as a surface elf and handsome features that she fell for him. His ranger friend Alded Vené disquised Llatar as the surface elf Katar Enladden and preposed him as the assassin for a round trip to The Underdark. As time ran out, the queen fell madly in love and he turned his back after revealing his true identity and kiddnaping her in the last chapter of The Red Name. But afterwards, he reunites with Avda after Alded falls in the final battle in The Cold Rose, and they have a child named after the illusion of a Mirage.