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Loathe performing in 2017 (2).png
Loathe performing in 2017
Background information
Origin Liverpool, England
Years active 2012-present
Associated acts Our Imbalance
Website www.loatheasone.com
  • Kadeem France
  • Erik Bickerstaffe
  • Connor Sweeney
  • Shayne Smith
  • Sean Radcliffe

Loathe (stylized as LOATHE) is an English metalcore band formed in Liverpool, England in 2012, from the demise of other local bands, including Our Imbalance.[1]

Musical style[edit]

Loathe have been categorized as progressive metalcore,[2] metalcore,[3][4][5] death metal,[6][7] nu metal,[3][4] progressive metal,[5][8] and avant-garde metal.[9] Flick of the Finger described the band's style as "a complex sonic architecture which weaves post-punk, hardcore, heavy electronics, djent and deathcore with a side of prog... melding their sonic threads into an anguished and searingly surreal entity which reels you deep into the abyss"[9]. The band have also cited influences including Slipknot, Deftones, Korn and the Silent Hill 2 and Akira soundtracks.[10]


Current line-up[edit]

  • Kadeem France - lead vocals
  • Erik Bickerstaffe - guitar, backing vocals
  • Connor Sweeney - guitar, backing vocals
  • Shayne Smith - bass, backing vocals
  • Sean Radcliffe - drums


Studio albums[edit]

  • The Cold Sun (2017)[5]


  • Prepare Consume Proceed (2015)[5]


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