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Locate365 is a family safety app launched in 2017. It is a freemium app based service that allows friends and family members to observe each other's location with mutual consent and send distress message when in need. The App besides showing current and historical location data, shows the route taken by individual members and the Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) at other member's location. The app has more than 20,000 registered users and has received numerous awards.


Locate365 – App based location monitoring services, launched by a Mumbai-based tech start-up, aims to answer the age old questions of Where are you? / When will you reach?. The App was launched in March 2017 with the features of invitation only groups and tracking of group members location based on their consent. In May, the App came out with support for various Indian languages like Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi, Telugu, etc. In July, support for Spanish Language was also introduced.


The App provides for the features of :

1) Invitation only group of Friends and Family Members:

2) Real time location of members on map

3) Location Visibility to group members only

4) Tracking of travel history and routes

5) Distance and travel time to other members location

6) Works across Android and iOS Phones

7) SOS Communication enabled