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Lochow is the traditional name of a district in Argyll, in Scotland, centred on Loch Awe, from which it takes its name.

In the 10th century, the local lord is recorded as a Paul Ui Duibhne (anglicised as Paul O'Duine), a great grandson of an Irish sub-king (possibly of the Corcu Duibne), and husband to the daughter of a king of Dal Riata (which included Argyll). His heir was his daughter, who married a member of the Clan Campbell; the Campbells established a presence in the region as a result.

The Campbells expanded from this base across the whole of south western Scotland, eventually becoming Earls of Argyll, and then Dukes. The title Viscount Lochow and Glenyla was created in 1701 for the the first Duke of Argyll, as an acknowledgement of his posession of the lands of Lochow.