Love at Second Sight

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Love at Second Sight
Genre Romance
Written by Liu Rui Xuan
Directed by Ke He Chen 柯翰辰
Starring Zheng Kai
Rainie Yang
Michael Zhang
Yang Yi Tong
Ivy Shao
Opening theme "愛的鼓勵" (Encouragement of Love) by JJ Lin
Ending theme "下個轉彎是你嗎" (Would it be you on the next turn) by Rainie Yang
Country of origin Republic of China
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 27
Producer(s) Ke Yiqin
Location(s) Zhengzhou (China)
Original network Hunan Broadcasting System
Original release 10 August 2014 (2014-08-10)
Preceded by ShenZhen
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Love at Second Sight
Traditional Chinese 一見不鍾情
Simplified Chinese 一见不钟情
Literal meaning Not Love at First Sight

Love at Second Sight (Chinese: 一見不鍾情; pinyin: Yi Jian Bu Zhong Qing) is a 2014 Chinese Drama starring Zheng Kai, Rainie Yang and Michael Zhang. Filming began on 20 February 2014 and wrapped in end of April.[1] It was filmed on Zhengzhou, China.[2]


What happens when a marriage planner, Fei Luo Luo (Rainie Yang) and online love specialist, Lu Zhe Xi (Zheng Kai) encounter where the former provides marriage planning service and the latter, tries to break up the same couple?
Since young, Luo Luo has hoped to have an unforgettable and perfect wedding planned by her. She sees love and marriage as the world's most romantic thing. Because of this, she always strives to overcome all difficulties faced in order to provide her customers the most perfect wedding program. On the other hand, Zhe Xi who has experienced the ups and downs of her mother's marriage believes that love is about being rational, logical and practical and all relationships need to go through the test of reality and time. As a result, he is also known as a "break up" specialist, setting up various obstacles to couples.


Main cast[edit]

Actor Character Description
Zheng Kai Lu Zhe Xi (路哲熙)
Rainie Yang Fei Luo Luo (費洛洛)
Michael Zhang Tan Li Jie (譚禮傑)
Yang Yi Tao Fan Rui Zhi (范瑞芝)
Ivy Shao Tan Xiao Min (譚小敏)

Supporting Cast[edit]

Actor Character Description
Kelly Niu Tien Shen Man Jiang (沈曼江)
Dong Ke Fei Hao Jiong (郝囧)
Gao Ruo Xin Peter
Ji Ning Zheng Wei Hua (鄭偉華)
Wei Zhong Kai Zhuang Zhuang (壯壯)
Wang Kan Wei Tan Bo Yu (譚伯渝)
Ren Luo Min Fei Zheng Hua (費正文)
Li Ze Kai Lei Lei (磊磊)


Music Song Singer Lyrics Music
Opening song 愛的鼓勵 (Encouragement of Love) JJ Lin Wu Tsing-Fong JJ Lin
Ending song 下個轉彎是你嗎 (Would it be you after the next turn) Rainie Yang Wu Tsing-Fong Wu Tsing-Fong
Insert songs 我想爱 (I want to love) Rainie Yang Ge Da Wei   Dou Zhi Wen
佔據幸福 (Occupy happiness) Lee Jia Wei Na Cai Zhen You Zheng Hao


Hunan Broadcasting System Ratings
Episode Original Broadcast Date Average Viewers' share Rank
1-2 10 August 2014 1.238 3.42 1
3-5 11 August 2014 1.70 5.25 1

International broadcast[edit]

  • It began airing in Vietnam from November 27, 2016 on VTV3 under the title Không phải tiếng sét ái tình.


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External links[edit]

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