Luana Vjollca

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Luana Vjollca
Picture of Luana Vjollca
Born (1991-09-02) September 2, 1991 (age 26)
Tirana, Albania
Nationality Albanian
Occupation Singer, Presenter, Dancer
Years active 2007 - present


Vjollca was born on 2 September 1991 in Tirana, Albania. For the first time, she was presented to the public eye through her stunning performance as a dancer on the investigative show Fiks Fare, in 2007. After this she decided to pursue her career as a TV presenter and participated in shows such as Summer Fest, Top Fest, E Diell, to finally return to music, her old-time passion.

This television season (2017) Luana had her Prime-Time program on Top Channel, called Pa Limit (No Limit).

She is best known for her multi-talents, the stunning looks, charming personality and eloquence. A combination which has brought a lot success to Luana.


Vjollca spent her childhood in Tirana, where she also currently lives. Even though people might still remember her firstly as a dancer then a TV presenter who finally became a famous singer, the chronological order of these career changes was not exactly like this. Luana started her career in music at first, still a child back in the days. She went through the excitement of the competitions when she climbed the stage for the first time on the “Children’s Festival”/ ‘Festivali per femije’ beside her sister Marina. Luana took singing lessons for two years, since she was nine years old. She also took one year of guitar lessons and one year of violin lessons. For the higher education, she chose a completely different path from her career as an artist, by studying economics. On 2014 she received her master's degree in Economics.
File:Luana Vjollca 2.jpg
Luana Vjollca - Photo taken during her presentations.

Television career[edit]

Her career in television reached the peak with the success of her own TV show Pa limit. The entertainment show was broadcast during Prime Time with Vjollca as the host, throughout the television season of 2017. The TV show derived from a section on the Sunday’s show E Diell and was broadcast as a show on its own. The section of "Pa limit" on E Diell was also hosted by Luana. Luana also hosted other segments on E Diell throughout the years, such as "Te Cmendur Pas" (Crazy after) and "Dueli i Heshtur" (The silent duel) produced during the television seasons of 2015-2016.

Music career[edit]

She had a long break of many years from music only to return on in 2013 with the song "Terbohu" (Go Crazy) and then again in 2014 on her top form with a complete music project, launching the official video of a romantic song called "Askush s’do ta besoje" (No one will believe). 

The same year she strikes with yet another hit called "Luanet" (The Lions), this time a collaboration with the famous Albanian rappers and music producers from Kosovo, Blunt & Real. The song was a combination of pop and hip-hop with dance rhythms.

After the constant success from her first two projects, on March 2015 she launches her new project called ‘E Jemja’ (Mine) and only four months later comes her collaboration with the famous rapper and music producer Getoar Selimi. This collaboration called ‘Tirana Lifestyle’ soon became a summer sensation for all the music lovers on Albania, Kosovo and beyond. 

On 2016 Luana launched two complete music projects on her own. "Ai" (He/Him) and "Je vec ti" (Only you) were both romantic songs, where "Je vec ti" was a slow romantic song while "Ai" had more rhythm to it. 

Luana has been the face of Digitalb (an Albanian media, digital satellite and terrestrial TV platform based in Tirana) for two years, also she has been the face for many other companies but for shorter periods of time.

Charity commitments[edit]

The beautiful singer can never say ‘No’ when it comes to charity events and helping the ones in need. She is a constant visitor at Zyber Hallulli orphanage and she maintains a close relationship with all the kids there, especially the girls. She also precious moments of her visits in her social media although not all her charity work is visible to the public eye.


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