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Lyn Gibb-de Swarte aka Lyn de Swarte, Lyn Guest and Lyn Guest de Swarte, is a writer, author, journalist, editor, website manager. Ice speed skating coach, past A class referee and international starter of races, ex ice speed skater, ice hockey player, founder of women's ice hockey in post-war UK, first president Women's Ice Hockey Association, pioneer of women's short track ice speed skating in the 70's, chair of the Association of Streatham Ice Clubs, chair of the Streatham Strikers ice hockey club, secretary then chair of the Streatham Ice Speed Club, club rep on the Ice Speed Committee of the NSA, member of the Skaters Ball committee, NSA, life member of the NSA and NISA, chair of the Haringey women's ice hockey club, chair of the Sobell, North London Raiders ice hockey club, currently committee member of the Fen Centre for all fen skating affiliated to the NISA, president of the England Bandy Federation, having relaunched bandy in England after a 100year hiaitus, project director of the Littleport Ice Stadium Project. Winner of the Magazine Sports Writer of the Year award from the Sports Council and Sports Writers Association in 1988, publishing launch editor of Sportswoman magazine 1985, publishing editor of Sportscene, 1989, editor of Sportsworld International 1987, production editor and art director Cricket Life International for South Publishing 1990, sports columnist for the Fabian Society magazine New Socialist 1991, contributor to the Guardian and Morning Star newspapers, ice hockey columnist for the Hornsey Journal, columnist for Ice Hockey Star newspaper, founder executive member and coordinator of working groups for the Women's Sports Foundation, now the WSFF, 1984/7. Author, Women and Sport, published by Thorsons, 1988. Author Principles of Spiritualism, Thorsons, 1999. Author The Spiritualists' Handbook 2011. Became a member of Lewisham Spiritualist Church 1994. member of the Spiritualists' National Union 1994. Founder, then president of Littleport SNU church 1998. Editor of the SNU New Communicator, 1995, Editor Psychic News weekly newspaper, 1996-2003, editor Spiritualist News, then Spiritual News, 2008. Contributor Psychic World, 2016/7. Resident psychic agony aunt tiscali internet portal provider for 5 years. Ordained as a minister by United Spiritualists June 2003. Minister in charge at the Corinthian headquarters church at Primrose Hall, Hailsham, East Sussex, 2009. Founder Doris Stokes church Sussex, 2009. Founder The New Christian Spiritualists' Society, 2011. Videos on YouTube. Lyn is a mother of 6 and grandmother and great grandmother. She used, and then worked in, refuges for battered women. She came out as gay in 1975. Author of short stories based on truth about gay life in the 60's, 70's and early 80's, TC's Lesbian Shorts as Lindy Stewart.