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MAPCAT portal is a public map portal launched in mid 2017, with high quality services in an integrated platform for average users and map editors. The focus is on easy-to-use tools, entertaining processes for casual map editors, real time editing, collaboration and process management supported on a commercial quality level, enhanced search, visualization, non-car usages. It aims to boost OSM map editing and usage, turning OSM into a mainstream map platform.

Key functions:[edit]

  • routing for cars with motorways and ferrys taken into account;
  • bicycle planner with elevation profiles and road type declaration;
  • pedestrian planner;
  • advanced POI management - visualization of 5 POI types at a time;
  • map editing function with all modifications fed back to the Openstreetmap database.[1]

Company information[edit]

GLI Solutions [2]is a Budapest-based startup founded in 2013 by serial entrepreneurs (founders and former management members of NNG), a group of professionals with decades of GIS, BD and technology experience. The core technology is used in mission critical applications in the Hungarian public sector (HU-GO road toll system at NÚSZ, operation management system at OMSZ, parking fee collection system at National Mobile Payment Plc, systems at NMF, MVM Net), also in the private sector, mostly in fleet management (Budapest Taxi, City Taxi, Jarkon etc.). Successful map portals on the local market: and their technology powers
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