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MB Malik Sports
Industry Sporting goods
Founded 1960
Founder Mr.Malik Inayat Ullah
Headquarters Sialkot, Pakistan
Area served
Pakistan, Bermuda, India, Lebanon, Malaysia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom & United States[1]
Key people
Mr. Malik Umer Zulifkar
Products Cricket equipment, Footwear, Apparel, Field hockey stick [2]
Website http://www.mbmalik.com

MB Malik Manufacturer & Exporter of sports Goods. We are located in Sialkot which is famous for Sports Goods. Our company is a professional manufacturer and exporter of high quality Garments with different kinds of Material. You can create and personalise your own sports kit for your team. We offer premium quality, performance sportgoods for a wide range of sports such as Cricket Bats, Cricket Balls, Bating Gloves,Bating Pads,Cricket Shoes ,Kit Bags plus many more.


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