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MIC PGH, or Music Industry Connected, Pittsburgh, was created to give indie musicians the hope and education they need to pursue a desired dream music career. The company is considered the first indie musician “startup incubator” of its kind. MIC PGH focuses on indie artists following its IMBM: Indie Music Business Model. The IMBM is the world’s first model to guide any indie musician to personal success without a label as well as without relocating to a music-hub city like LA or NYC. This model took 8 years of deconstructing the music industry and applying it to indie musicians to complete and finesse. The IMBM is free and accessible to view on the MIC website. After meeting many indie bands and artists who found the model useful, MIC workers decided to create The MIC MVMT. The MIC MVMT is a network of indie musicians and creatives all supporting one another with different indie music endeavors. MIC supports and shows off the music of featured bands who signed up to be a part of The MIC MVMT through PR interviews, publishing, promotions, and networking. MIC does not and will never own a percentage of any band or artists masters or royalties. The purpose of MIC is truly to allow indie musicians to create a path to a personal definition of success in terms of having a music career.


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