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Name: MJ Lindo
Nationality: Nicaraguan
DOB: April 17, 1988
Born: Miami, Florida
Lives: California
Known: Painting/ Artist
Painting Genre: pop surrealism, low brow

MJ Lindo is a low brow or pop surrealist artist living in the Bay Area in California. She was born April 4, 1988 in Miami, FL. She currently works in customer services for an industrial company, while also selling her original artwork and prints on her website and in local galleries. Her goal is to be an artist full time.

Early Life/Education[edit]

As a child MJ was like any other girl her age in the sense that she was a fan of anything Disney and Sailor Moon. She lived a few years in Oklahoma, Canada, and in Nicaragua, which is where her family is originally from. When in Canada she took the subway where she was exposed to graffiti art daily. This exposure sparked her interest in art as a child. As a student she was very studious and dedicated, always getting A’s and B’s in school. She received various art oriented scholarships while in high school as well. Art was always a passion of hers from a very young age and at the age of 15 she started selling her art work online. At that age she started working as an apprentice at Art Start until the age of 21. At Art Start she was mentored by professional artists, collaborated with them in their private and public works. She was also able to create and sell her own work. It was not until she reached age 19 that she finally realized that she could really start a career with her talent, experience, and passion for the arts. Later on she attended Santa Rosa Junior College where she earned her AA in Art. Before the age of 15 she lived a very lonely childhood for the most part since her family moved constantly, making it hard to make and keep friends. Fortunately, her art is something that was always permanent in her life. A constant struggle was finding her place and having a place she could call home. Fortunately, art was something that was always permanent in her life, and her greatest outlet from loneliness. MJ had various allergies as a child, yet she was always drawn to nature and the outdoors. In addition to constantly moving, another obstacle in MJ’s life then and now is her anxiety, which affects her work at times. Her friends and family consider her personality in general to be goofy and laid back.

Artistic Process[edit]

MJ promotes her art work through her social media such as Instagram and her YouTube channel which she created in 2012. She has also had her works in many galleries both local and in other states, which she says are what have helped her create the best connections with other artists that are in similar situations as she is. The goal for her is to be a full time artist, combining art as both her passion and career full time. Although MJ has her AA and has had mentoring, she considers herself as a self-taught artist. She always went her own way, making her own decisions when it came to art, her biggest influence being her own journey and life experiences.

MJ Lindo is a surrealist pop artist, with very dreamlike and fantastical imagery in her art work. She usually creates portraitures of women accentuating certain facial features, she places them in a surreal environment by creating fantastical imagery, using unrealistic color palette. Her subjects are diverse women, inspired by powerful women, family, and friends in her life. She considers feminism as an influence to her depiction of women. She strives to portray them as strong while also evoking vulnerability which she relates to. It is also easier for her to tell her stories through the face of a woman rather than a man. A positive outcome from moving around a lot was the array of cultural influences that were later expressed through MJ’s work. Elements of nature and wildlife are also components of many of her works. Her intent is for viewers to have some sort of connection to her paintings. All her paintings depict some story or narrative by creating images that could only exist in her dreams, fantasies, or nightmares. She captures images of the models she paints in a photograph. She starts the process by creating small thumbnail sketches, then a larger drawing which she later transfers to a wooden panel. She later primes the panel and begins to apply the paint. She first started out with acrylic paints and later transitioned to oils paints, which facilitated blending, and warmer colors. Sometimes she struggles to appreciate the beauty of her work through the making process and does not see the beauty of them until the very end when she knows she is finally done. Other times she completely trashes a painting because she is never going to be at peace with it.

Galleries/ Exhibits[edit]

Wonderland Gallery (SF)

Luna Rienne Gallery (SF)

Modern Eden (SF) 

Shooting Gallery (SF)  

Metallo Gallery (New Mexico)

Hive Gallery (LA)

Flower Pepper Gallery (LA)

La Luz De Jesus (LA) 

Hero Complex Gallery (LA)

Swoon Gallery (LA) 

Gauntlet Gallery (SF) 

Chimaya Gallery (LA) 

Misson and Comics Art (SF)  

Bherd Studios (Seattle) 

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