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Macomb Science Olympiad is a non-profit, 501c3 program, run entirely by volunteers. They serve students from both public and private schools in Macomb and St. Clair counties.

Since 1986, Macomb Science Olympiad has been dedicated to inspiring the next generation of scientists, doctors and engineers, through an extra-curricular education program that emphasizes a hands-on approach and develops problem-solving and teamwork skills.

Science Olympiad is a national organization consisting of Division A (elementary) and Divisions B (middle school) and C (high school). Division B and C teams compete at a joint regional tournament hosted by Macomb Science Olympiad. The teams that have the best overall scores are invited to Michigan’s state tournament, held at MSU. The top two teams from each division of the state tournament are invited to the national tournament. This tournament is held at various colleges across the country.

Elementary Division

The elementary division (Division A) has no state or national tournament. Our big tournament is the regional tournament which serves Macomb County and St. Clair County and is held at Macomb County Community College South Campus in Warren. Many schools also participate in a practice tournament. To find out if your school district holds a practice tournament, talk to other head coaches in your district or contact the elementary tournament director of Macomb Science Olympiad at [email protected] They should be able to guide you to the right person.

Our Macomb Elementary tournament is divided into two divisions: K-5 and K-6. This prevents having schools with 6th graders competing with schools that don’t, and gives both types of schools a level playing field. At the tournament all schools will be performing the same task or taking the same test in the same room. However, the scores for each division are tallied separately. At the awards ceremony medals are given to the top teams in each division for each event.

Events There are 16 events in the elementary Science Olympiad tournament each year. The events cover four areas of science: Science Processes, Earth Science, Physical Science, and Life Science (consistent with the Michigan Department of Education Science Content Expectations). Although your students may be in elementary school, don’t be surprised if they are asked questions that are more of a middle or even high school level. This is because the students on Science Olympiad teams are typically very capable students and because the objective of the tournament is to see who knows the most in each area.

Team Profile You may have as many students as you want on your team but only 16 at most may represent your school at the tournament. The students may be in the 3rd- 6th grade. There are no limits on how many are from any particular grade level or how many girls vs. boys are on your team (although some events require a minimum number of students). Most students will be assigned 2 events. Your more capable students may have a 3rd or even a 4th event.

Some schools choose to have alternates on their team. This allows more students to be involved in Science Olympiad. This also ensures that you’ll have a back up person in case one of the team members cannot attend the tournament for some reason (such as illness). The practice tournaments in our area typically allow participation of Alternate team members. And recently we have allowed “Alternate” teams to register for the Regional tournament in slots that remain after Primary teams have had a chance to register. They are scored in a separate division.