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Madhubanti Bagchi (born:1989) is an Indian vocalist[1][2] from Calcutta specialising in Hindustani classical music[3][4] and Playback[5][6] [7][8]. She is a disciple of Subhra Guha, an eminent vocalist of Agra gharana. She did her engineering from Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata and Jadavpur University. Her debut in playback was in Bengali movie Ami Aar Amar Girlfriends[9] directed by Mainak Bhaumik, music directed by Neel Dutt. Her Malayalam debut was in the movie Masala Republic[10] with the band Mrittika [11]. Recently she has sung the theme song for the Bengali web portal Addatimes, with Nakash Aziz and has been featured on a music show Sugarcube. [12] She had been nominated in the Best Singer and Best Debutante Singer in Mirchi Music Awards Bangla.


Title Film Composer Singers
Mannequin Ami Aar Amar Girlfriends Neel Dutt Madhubanti Bagchi
Swadhin Sesh Bole Kichhu Nei Neel Dutt Shaan (singer), Madhubanti Bagchi
Lilabali[13] Cross Connection 2[14] Neel Dutt Ujjaini Mukherjee, Arko mukherjee, Madhubanti Bagchi
Egiye De Sudhu Tomari Jonno Arindom Arijit Singh, Madhubanti Bagchi
Ar Kono Kotha Na Bole Shikari (2016 film) Indradeep Dasgupta Arijit Singh, Madhubanti Bagchi
Item Bomb Kelor Kirti Indradeep Dasgupta Madhubanti Bagchi, Rana Mazumdar, Kanika Kapoor
Ami Raji Prem Ki Bujhini Savvy Gupta Ash King, Madhubanti Bagchi
Tomake Chai Gangster (2016 film) Arindom Madhubanti Bagchi
Nodi Bhora Dheu Masala Republic Mrittika Madhubanti Bagchi, Suchal Chakraborty
Surjomukhi Barood Chandrasish Ray Madhubanti Bagchi, Chandrasish Ray
Bhalobashi Tomake Guti Mallar 2 Savvy Gupta Kuntal De, Madhubanti Bagchi
Ki Gaabo Ami Teenanko Arko Mukharjee Madhubanti Bagchi


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