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Magnus Borgen Kjøller (born April 18, 1984 in Denmark on the island Bornholm) is a Dubai-based Danish multi-entrepreneur, business angel,[1] business commentator and society debater.[2] He has founded and owns various companies and is well-known on the Danish investor scene.[3]

In 2016 Magnus Kjøller was ranked number 8 on the list of the top 10 most searched business people on This was among well-known entrepreneurs such as Jesper Buch, Johan Bülow and Lars Larsen.[4]

Entrepreneur and investor[edit]

Magnus Kjøller has through Magnus Kjøller Holding ApS invested in a wide range of companies operating in various different branches. Investments are within wine trade over dog indulgence to the ice hockey team Aalborg Pirates.[5]

As financial power in Aalborg Pirates Magnus Kjøller helped secure the existence of ice hockey in Aalborg when AaB Ishockey was put up for sale in 2012.[6] He helped rebrand the ice hockey-club and introduced a reversed seasonal pass enabling fans to go to all the games in a season for 99 kr. against a no-show fee. In 2014 Magnus Kjøller sold his 51% shares in Aalborg Pirates.[7]

He also owns Magnus Kjøller Ejendomme A/S from where he invests in estate and property and has owned several apartments and estates in Aalborg. In July 2017 he sold 175 apartments in Aalborg for 223 million Danish kroner.[8] By the end of 2016 Magnus Kjøller Holding ApS had an equity of 112 million Danish kroner.[9]

In 2016 Magnus Kjøller startet to offer small start-up loans up to 50.000 Danish kroner to entrepreneurs against an option of up to 10% ownership of the start-up company.[10]

Magnus Kjøller is the main power behind the company CM Network A/S that introduced the concept "PointWorld"[11] giving the users the opportunity to earn and spend points on a wide range of services and products. In 2013 PointShop A/S received criticism from a consumer TV show on Danmarks Radio on which Magnus Kjøller strikingly replied in a blog post[12] and showed an unedited video[13] of the consumer TV show.[14]

Society debater[edit]

With experience in field of entrepreneurship Magnus Kjøller is also a well-known debater who frequently writes debate posts for Dagbladet Børsen[15][16][17] and Berlingske Business[18] as well as on his own personal blog.[19]

Magnus Kjøller has a verified Twitter-account[20] on which he shares various aspects of his daily life as well as business life.


Close to Christmas in 2012 CM Networks A/S published a video on Youtube[21] showing Magnus Kjøller ordering and delivering 200 sleeping bags to Foreningen Hjemløse Aalborg during the cold winter.


As 15 years old Magnus Kjøller moved from Bornholm to Aalborg where he attended Aalborg Friskole. In 2003 he graduated high school from Aalborg Tekniske Gymnasium and started studying computer science at Nordjyllands Erhvervsakademi (today University College Nordjylland). Magnus Kjøller registred his first company on his 18th birthday as a gift to himself.[22][23]

Professional CV[edit]

  • 2002 founds CM Network (later converted to CM Network A/S)[24]
  • 2003 founds[25][26]
  • 2008 founds PointBlog A/S[27]
  • 2008 invests in Kejserens Klæder ApS[28]
  • 2008 founds Magnus Kjøller Holding ApS[29]
  • 2008 founds Forbrugerpost ApS[30]
  • 2009 invests in Internet Zoo ApS[31]
  • 2010 founds Random ApS[32]
  • 2011 converts CM Network to CM Network A/S[33]
  • 2011 founds PointTrade A/S[34]
  • 2011 founds Magnus Kjøller Ejendomme A/S[35]
  • 2012 invests in Aalborg Ishockey A/S (Aalborg Pirates)[36]
  • 2012 invests in 3green ApS[37]
  • 2012 invests in konXion A/S[38]
  • 2012 invests in 3manager A/S[39]
  • 2013 invests in Ultimate Web A/S[40]
  • 2015 invests in Nustay ApS[41]
  • 2015 invests in Barko A/S[42]
  • 2015 invests in Conferize A/S[43]
  • 2015 invests in Frost & Kjøller Ejendomme A/S[44]
  • 2015 invests in HappyHello A/S[45]
  • 2016 invests in AthGene ApS[46]
  • 2016 invests in Gloove ApS[47]
  • 2016 invests in ApS[48]
  • 2016 invests in Voyat Inc.[49]
  • 2017 invests in GroupCam DK ApS[50]


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