Mahabbat pur vice city

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Mahabbat pur vice city
File:Mahabbat pur vice city poster.jpg
Directed by Juwel Rana
Produced by Juwel Rana
Written by Juwel Rana and wasim akram
Starring Juwel Rana
Distributed by Juwelit film
Release date
04 July 2016
Running time
26 minutes
Country Bangladesh
Language Bengali

 Mahabbat pur vice city (2016 short film)[edit]

Mahabbat pur vice city is a Bangladeshi bangla short film directed by Juwel Rana.  The film stars debutant Juwel Rana and wasim akram , selim reza and polok in the lead roles. The film has been produced by wasim akram . The movie released on 04/07/2016


Mahabbat Pur vice city is action movie. The story is a crime history. all proved in a pen drive and this pen drive is loss any other people. He need this pen drive so he hire Juwel for got back this.


juwel Rana as juwel / shooter

wasim as all don boss

selim as friends of don

polok as pendrive thief

roki as bodyguard for don

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