Mahmoud Ismail

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Mahmoud Ismail
Nationality Egyptian
Education October 6 University
Known for Graphic Design

Mahmoud Ismail (born September 27, 1995) is an Egyptian Graphic Designer and Art Director


Mahmoud Ismail born and grew up in Egypt he has started his career while studying at the age of 19 in Washwasha magazine as Web content producer and Graphic designer. He began his freelance design career at the age of 20 in branding, graphics, and UI for clients as diverse as Wicked Joe Coffee Roasting Co. in Topsham, Silicon Vision and W99l, Ajialuna Educational Co. in Riydah and many other brands.

Illustration and design[edit]

Mahmoud is also known in Graphic Design and Art Direction for Printing, Advertising, Photo manipulation, Digital art, Identity & Branding design, Illustration and Social Media Campaign Design.

He has proven his designing abilities as a freelancer for many brands in Egypt and abroad. He worked for billboards to websites, catalogs and magazines, signage and direct mail.

Mahmoud displays his work through[1] Behance,[2] Linkedin[3] and and the social network site Facebook.[4]


Mahmoud has graduated from October 6 University with a bachelor's degree in Mass communication major of Public Relations and Advertising in 2017.


2017: Chance[5] (Short film)

Chance: a short film directed by: Mahmoud Ismail revolves around a young man wakes up to find himself inside a grave. Movie scenes filmed inside a real grave.


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