Maho Aikawa

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Maho Aikawa
Native name 相川 茉穂
Also known as
  • Aiai
  • Maho-chan (まほちゃん)
Born (1999-03-26) 26 March 1999 (age 18)
Kanagawa, Japan
  • Singer
Years active 2014–
Associated acts Angerme
Website Hello! Project official site

Maho Aikawa (相川 茉穂, Aikawa Maho, born 26 March 1999, in Kanagawa) is a Japanese idol and tarento who is a member of Japanese girl group (formerly S/mileage). Her official nickname is Ai Ai (あいあい). Her member colour is green.


Personal life[edit]

  • When she heard the songs from S/mileage before joining[6] and heard that the number of members of the group will be increased by trainee promotion, she said that she was listening to "Yūgure Koi no Jikan" all the time after that.
  • Her special skill was classical ballet, and she was learning about 9 years at the time of joining the trainee. In "Otome no Gyakushū" which is a debut song as Angerme, Aikawa's solo part with a motif of classical ballet was adopted.[7]
  • In the Japanese New Year she eats galette des rois annually.[8]
  • Her height is 163 cm (5 ft 4 in).[2]

Hobbies, preferences[edit]

  • My favourite food is karaage and gelatin.[9] Especially regarding karaage from Japan, it is certified as "Cara Agenist" from the Japan Kanraage Association.[10]
  • She loves astronomical objects and frequently uploaded images of the Moon to her own blog.[11] Everyday she looks at the stars in front of her house and counts how many stars have increased since yesterday, because she counts the number of stars and she can not get into her house when she was quite angry with her mother.[12] Since she had a telescope showed by a foreigner she met in a camp when she was a child, she became interested in celestial bodies.[11]
  • She loves the Ultraman Series and the Ultra Monsters.[13] In 2016, a dialogue at the book 'Kaijū Sakaba' Daizukan and serialisation at the magazine Uchūsen was realised.[14][15][13] Her favourite series is Ultra Q, her favourite Ultraman is Ultraman Taro and her favourite monster is Jamila.[13]

Family, friends[edit]

  • At the time I joined the Kenshusei, she mentioned the name of Mai Hagiwara (Cute)[16] as her senior of her favourite Hello Pro and also said that she would like to become a member of a cute[17] unit like S/mileage in the future.[6]
  • As a good member in Hello! Project, she mention the Morning Musume's Akane Haga and Camellia Factory's Kisora Niinuma.[18]
  • She has cats named "Lucy" and "Min".[8]
  • She is the only child of her family.[19]



Title Publisher Ref.
Maho Aikawa Blu-ray Kurukuru to Shi to Shitto Up-Front Works [20]



Dates Title Location Ref.
3–11 Dec 2014 Gekidan @[email protected] vol.6 Kurukuru to Shi to Shitto Higashi Ikebukuro Owl Spot (Toshima Ward Performing Arts Exchange Centre) [21]


Photo albums[edit]

Date Title Publisher
1 Oct 2016 Maho Aikawa (Angerme) Mini Shashin-shū Greeting -Photobook- Odyssey Books

Magazine serialisations[edit]

Title Magazine Publisher Notes Ref.
Maho Aikawa no Watashi, Kaijū no Mikata desu Uchūsen Hobby Japan Serialised from Volumes 153 to 155 [13]


Date Title Publisher Photographer Ref.
29 Apr 2016 {Shifuku Gravure} Maho Aikawa (Angerme) Daily LoGiRL 468 LoGiRL Seiji Ishigaki [22]


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