Mainstay Global iProud+ Elite Boarding Program

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The iProud+ Elite Boarding Program is a premier boarding service program launched by Mainstay Global’s Education Department.

The Elite Boarding Program helps international students come to the United States to attend secondary schools. It provides comprehensive managed care for students. Students stay in a high-end house in a safe neighborhood that is close to their school and has access to all kinds of sports and extra-curricular amenities. Fresh gourmet meals are prepared by the chef. A full-time driver takes students to school, community service events, sporting and extra-curricular activities.

The program also helps students explore their potential and excel in their academic studies. It covers such services as middle school/high school applications, academic planning, and college counseling.

Its core values iProud+ (independence, perseverance, respect, optimism, understanding, discipline, +leadership) guide Mainstay Global in running the program.

Due to its high quality and strict candidate selection process, the iProud+ Elite Boarding Program has been met with critical acclaim upon its launch. The admission rate into the program hovers in the low digits and securing a spot in the program is highly competitive. Applicants for 2018-2019, and 2019-2020 academic year have already been added to the waitlist.