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Majid KhosraviNik is a lecturer in Media and Discourse Studies at Newcastle University, UK[1]. He works at the intersection of communication studies, discourse analysis and media studies. KhosraviNik is a co-founder of Newcastle Critical Discourse Group[2].

KhosraviNik received his PhD from Lancaster University, Lancaster, under the supervision of Ruth Wodak, a leading scholar of the field. He was part of RASIM, an ESRC funded research project, which explored the representation of migrants in the British press. The project applied a combination of Corpus Linguistics and Critical Discourse Analysis and resulted in several publications on immigration discourses in British press.[3]

KhosraviNik's work has addressed both theory and methodology of Critical Discourse Analysis. He has carried out a major research on identity constructions within discourses around Iran's nuclear programme which was published in 2015. [4] Since 2013, he has been working on application of a CDS approach to digital spaces of communication on participatory web. His current work is on a model called Social Media-Critical Discourse Studies (SM-CDS) which examines adaptations of central CDS notions, e.g. representation discourse and audience.
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