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Massimo Carmassi, known by stage name  Mamokama, is an Italian producer and musician.[1] He is a long time electronic music composer. Previously worked under the alias LifeApart.


He is a skilled and open-minded Art Director & Freelance Designer, specialised in food packaging, but its experience covers many areas: advertising in magazines, catalogues, logos, event posters, packaging, labels, banners, brochures, website layout, and more.

He is a professional musician and certified pianist with years of study at the Conservatory. He has composed countless songs, recorded both in Italy and abroad. He has played, starting from 1993 until 2003, at the biggest festivals in Europe and North Africa as a raver, playing alone or with its band Sunset Squad.

In 1999 he has played for one season at the fomous '90 disco Number One in Brescia (IT). He still played at Taverna Iole, Jaisse, Gallè, and others.

He produce and sell music, as a musician and commissioner and arranger for various purposes e.g. Personal album, collaborations with other artists soundtracks, dj sets, business/presentations videos. He has hundreds of songs registered and thousands more are available online through my personal profiles Soundcloud, YouTube, Jamamendo and others.

He is a collector, highly experienced in estimating the value of coins, stamps, postcards, medals, war memorabilia, advertising, and other. He usually deal with the estimation of private collections and markets any kind of collections, both directly and as an intermediary.


Penelope, Poliedrica Odissea Musicale is an album that combining the classical to electronics.

1.   Lei è nata così

2.   SexOs

3.   BrokenUp

4.   Perla Rotonda

5.   Extrasensorial Experience

6.   Spensieratezza

7.   Morn

8.   Giulia'Smile

9.   Caraibic_27

10. Do you remember

11. Living the darkside

12. Seagul's Fly

13. Sirene

14. It rains but the sun is shining!

Can't do without you is an album released the 11 febbraio 2016 with the alias of LifeApart.