Manila Wrestling Federation

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Manila Wrestling Federation
Acronym MWF
Founded 2015
Style Professional wrestling

Mike Shannon
Mr. Lucha

Robin Sane

Manila Wrestling Federation (MWF) is an independent professional wrestling promotion based in the Philippines.


Professional wrestling in the Philippines started in 1989 through the short-lived show called "Pinoy Wrestling". It was shown on PTV-4 and ended in the early 1990s. The show aimed to bring professional wrestling to the country by producing locally-trained wrestlers such as Joe Pogi, Macho Franco, King Cobra and Max Buwaya. These wrestlers portrayed larger than life characters akin to the World Wrestling Federation superstars, with a pinoy twist.

In 2012, a group of Filipino wrestling fans came up together and built Philippine Wrestling Revolution which produced its first event in 2013. The pioneer batch of aspiring professional wrestlers were officially trained by an American pro wrestler who goes by the name of Josh Bauserman, whom they met in Manila during the early stages of planning. The founders credit Bauserman for teaching them everything about pro wrestling, from in-ring maneuvers to backstage activities.

Shortly after PWR's first event, Renaissance; several wrestlers and personnel left the promotion[1]. One of them was then manager Mike Shannon, who collaborated with Mr. Lucha and fellow PWR alumnus Robin Sane on creating Hybrid Wrestling Entertainment, which eventually evolved to Manila Wrestling Federation[1]. By late 2016, their initial roster participated in History Channel's HistoryCon 2016[2], which saw them compete against Singapore Pro Wrestling (SPW) and Australiasian Wrestling Federation wrestlers. The event lasted for three days and was a success, as it gave the upstart promotion a much need exposure.


The promotion held its inaugural event called MWF Live! on April 8, 2017, at the Makati Cinema Square Arena, Makati .

On July 10, 2017, MWF held their second event called MWF Republika, at the Makati Cinema Square Arena, Makati.

At MWF Republika, it was announced that the third show would be held in September 2017.


Event Date Venue Location Main event
MWF Live![3] April 8, 2017 Makati Square Arena Makati Mr. Lucha vs Robin Sane (Manila Rules match)
Republika[4] June 10, 2017 Makati Square Arena Makati Gigz Stryker vs Robin Sane


Male wrestlers[edit]

Ring Name Notes
Aldrin Richards[5]
Fabio Makisig[6]
Frankie Thurteen[7]
"Action Star"

Gigz Stryker[8]

Hanzello Shilva[7]
Moises Liwanag[7]
Morgan Vaughn[7]
Mr. Lucha[9]
Ninja Ryugin[6]
"Filipino Strong Style"

Rex Lawin[9]

Robin Sane[1]

Female wrestlers[edit]

Ring Name Notes
Ashura[10] First woman to ever compete in an official MWF event.
Tala Haliya

Other personnel[edit]

Name Notes
Mike Shannon General Manager
Sonny Go Ring Announcer
Gus Queens Rex Lawin's Manager


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