Manzana (album)

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Studio album by Los Prisioneros
Released 2004
Recorded 2003–04
Genre Rock, techno
Label Warner Music
Producer Jorge González
Los Prisioneros chronology
En las raras tocatas nuevas de la Rock & Pop
(2003)En las raras tocatas nuevas de la Rock & Pop2003

Manzana is the sixth and final studio album by Chilean band Los Prisioneros, released in 2004. With the collaboration of musician Gonzalo Yanez, Beto Cuevas, and guitarist Coty Badilla.

With new members, this album stands out as very rock, techno and away from the characteristic of the previous albums. The bulk consists of songs about sex with love, and social criticism.

Nationally, the album did not pass, but was largely known outside Chile in countries like Peru, Colombia and Mexico.

This was the last album of Los Prisioneros.

Track listing[edit]

  • 1. "Manzana"
  • 2. "Mr. Right"
  • 3. "El muro"
  • 4. "¿Por qué no me dejas?"
  • 5. "Eres mi hogar"
  • 6. "El verdadero sexo"
  • 7. "Azota" (Devo cover of "Whip it")
  • 8. "Que llueva, que llueva"
  • 9. "Te amo"
  • 10. "Come, come, come"
  • 11. "Acomodado en el rock and roll"
  • 12. "Limpieza racial"
  • 13. "Insatisfacción"
  • 14. "Voy a trabajar"
  • 15. "Argentina"



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