Maria Luisa Hernandez

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Maria Luisa Hernandez

Maria Luisa Hernandez is a Chilean painter, living in London. Hernandez’s work has been likened to “that of a latter day Renaissance master.” Drawing on her father’s interest in painting the Chilean coastline, Hernandez’s work features the rush of the sea. She now lives and paints by the Thames in London.[1] Art critic Pedro Laowtiz has praised Hernandez’s work as “an atmospheric play of colour and light… her hallmark is insinuation and evocation rather than description.”

Early life and education[edit]

Hernandez was born in Chile, and was raised in Santiago. She studied at University of Chile and later received a scholarship to exhibit her “Living in the Light” collection in Stolkhom in 1997 [1] Hernandez traveled throughout France, Spain and Italy, eventually settling in London to pursue art.


Hernandez’s work has been featured in a number of solo and group exhibitions in London, Dublin, Stockholm, Santiago, New York and Barcelona.

A 2009 article from Embassy revealed Hernandez's painting that was hung in the Chilean embassy.[2]


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