Maria von Kohler

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Maria von Kohler
Native name Maria von Köhler
Born 1978
Gothenburg, Sweden
Education 2003 Royal Academy of Arts, 1999 University of East London, 1994 California State University, Los Angeles[1]

Maria von Köhler[2] is a Swedish born sculptor. She currently splits her time residing between London and Los Angeles. Her work focuses on mechanisms of hero worship and propaganda.

Methods, materials, and processes[edit]

von Köhler's current work takes cues from a collage of culturally laden trinkets, ranging from Baroque bronzes, to Bobs Big Boy, to jolly-looking racist paraphernalia from the Deep South.[3]


Individual shows[4]


  • Timeline, Seeline Gallery, Santa Monica

Selected works

  • Madonna and Child[5] 2011. Clay, plaster, polyester resin, acrylic, wax. Premises Studios, Hackney Road, East London.


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