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Mariska Setiawan (born on Surabaya, Indonesia, December 6, 1990) is an Indonesian soprano. She is now recent stay at Surabaya. She has participated in masterclasses in Indonesia and abroad, working with Stella Zhou, Professor Renate Faltin, and Ildiko Raimondi from Hochschule für Music Hanns Eisler (Berlin) and the Mozarteum (Salzburg).


Mariska Setiawan was born on Surabaya, Indonesia, December 6 1990. She is passionate about literature and has regularly collaborated with Ananda Sukarlan with his music, based on literary works. In this concerts as well as taking part as one of the protagonist of his new opera, Tumirah, premiering many important vocal works of Sukarlan:

  • Rangkaian Rahasia untuk Mariska (5 songs for soprano & piano based on poems by Adimas Immanuel)
  • 2 poems of Hasan Aspahani
  • 3 poems of Nanang Suryadi

Her two latest success were being a soloist at the World Culture Forum 2016, and premiering Sukarlan's works based on Spanish poets, Miguel Cervantes and Federico Garcia Lorca at the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (UWRF)[1]

Mariska has released two albums. The latest is titled An Essay on Love, based on the request of former-president of Indonesia, Professor B.J. Habibie in memoriam of his late wife, Hj. Ainun.[2]

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