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Mason Butler is a 14 year old boy born in James cook hospital on the 6th of may 2003. he has a mother called Joanne and a father called Darren. also he has an older and younger brother, James and Darren, his dog is a springer spaniel and is called max. he enjoys playing rugby and football, his main sport is rugby he is better at this than football but however enjoys football more. half his family are from the gypsy origin and the other from boro, this would make him to be seen as being apart of a well known hard family. he currently weighs about 20 klem and is about 5'6 in height. he enjoys going out to play with the kids in his street rather than playing with his oldeer friends, he enjoys this more as because he plays with kids he likes to think it makes him better, he also skrrrs around on his brothers electric mini moocher. he has a bestfriend called james and another called Lennox masons family like James but believe len is a doyle, mason brayed lennox before because he was getting too cheeky. james sticks by mason and helps him out whereas Lennox is a dork and bully's him. he says he would fight anyone this is thought to be his inner pikey coming out, but everyone knows he cant even win a fight against Spencer Evans the beast.