MasterChef (software)

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Developer(s) RenderImage Srl
Stable release
MSC4 (A03) / June 22, 2012 (2012-06-22)
Preview release
MSC4 beta / October 18, 2011 (2011-10-18)
Repository {{#property:P1324}}
Development status Rewriting, porting on Mono
Written in Visual Basic 6, VBA, AutoLISP, C#
Operating system Windows 2000
Platform Microsoft Windows
Available in 6 languages
Type Kitchen design
License Proprietary software

MasterChef[1] is a kitchen design program [2] developed and published by RenderImage Srl. MasterChef Suite is a proprietary software platform that promotes free kitchen design standards. All the databases and digital drawings containing technical information about industrial kitchen equipment are shipped to MasterChef users free of charge (however there some restrictions on commercial information such as price list put by respective owners).


MasterChef implements some basic project management. Its kitchen design concept consists in different steps such as drawing creation, offer and order creation.

Language availabilities[edit]

Is currently available in 5 languages:

Masterchef 4 final release will include 6 languages (with addition of Spanish language).


In 2004 RenderImage Srl released a first version of MasterChef - 2005. MasterChef 2008 was presented at Host Expo. In 2009 MasterChef Suite rebranding led to MasterChef 2010 renaming to MSC3. During Host Expo 2011, RenderImage presented an alpha version of MasterChef Suite called MSC4.

File format[edit]

MasterChef uses non-encrypted database format for data storage and .dwg file format for drawings.[3] However a specific MSC3 module is compatible also with FlashCAD.[4] dgb files.


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