Matty Harris

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Matty Harris
File:Pic of matty.jpg
Pic of Matty by matt
Born February 7th, 1979 age 38
Occupation Producer , Mixing Engineer , Mastering Engineer
Years active 15 years

Life and Career

Matty Harris (formerly know as Matty Trump) is an American Music Producer, Mixing Engineer, and Mastering Engineer.[1] He grew up playing drums and attended the Berklee School of Music. He spent the first 8 years of his career in Boston working at Waltz Audio and Cybersound Studios. There he worked with such artists as Sammy Adams, Slaine, Cam Meekins, AZ, New Kids on the Block, Fat Joe, and many others. He now lives in Los Angeles where he runs a online mixing and mastering company called Mix and Master my Song. [2]
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