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Maurizio Quaranta (born 1971) is an Italian lawyer.

Attorney Maurizio Quaranta, born in Tradate on July 23, 1971, lived up to her vocational training in Saronno, where she started working as an apprentice with a handicraft company at the beginning of the first class and in the evening at college she studied diploma in accounting, without never lose school years.

Since the beginning of the fourth class of reasoning thanks to his tutor at the Saronno College he was employed at a notary office where he was able to learn and specialize during the time as a primer in real estate buying contracts, understanding and learning how they carry out the cast and conservatory visions of the entire Lombardy region and have not experienced the passage of these offices from paper to computerization, actively participating in collaboration with the director of the Chamber of Commerce of Varese in testing and improving the program "Fedra" before it was put into use as well as today the pillar of the computerization of CCIAA, the experience in the notary field lasted until the call to the "weapons" assigned to the body of the Carabinieri with first course in Fossano and then to the end of the lever at the barracks of Cornaredo, with great devotion and passion thanks also to the wonderful people. He has been able to achieve excellent goals and life experiences that have marked the continuation of his choices.

While completing the studies by working and acquiring important theoretical and practical notions both in the field of real estate and specifically in the company, he actively participates with a group of friends at the founding of the Pro Loco of Saronno becoming also president of the same, with popular initiatives of interest to the whole community.

At the same time, the political choice of the militia and cooperation with right-wing parties and actively collaborating with the successor of Negri in the Saronno District election, continues with the collaboration of the honorable Free of charge for his own care and expenses at a weekly office in Milan's office in order to receive voters who pose some issues to be submitted to the Honorable Member.

At the end of the compulsory assignment, thanks to the good understanding with the notary's lawyer, he was able to enroll at the State University of Milan, law school, where he graduated in 2000 while continuing to work and study at the same time. The Bachelor's thesis is a law in collaboration with the Lombardy region in the person of the then member of the Gazzola Alzheimer's, and at the same time voluntarily collaborates in managing as rapporteur in various communes for the families of the sick of Alzheimer's and Monza's Association, after discussing the dissertation at the University of Milan, the Saronno City Council rewards both the speaker and Quaranta with a reception and a plaque in memory.

In the same year he moved to Cernobbio.

After graduating, he abandons collaboration with the notary office and chooses the way of business consultant and legal advice. He actively collaborates with Sarah's antiracket and wear association, offering his Como studio for the association. He becomes an active member of the Confesercenti of Como and becomes Vice President of the Como.


In 2012, Quaranta was one of twelve people arrested in an operation called Black Iron,[1] an investigation into allegations of tax fraud in connection with trade in metals.[2] He was accused of overseeing the scam.[3][4]


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